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CM Management Planner/CM管理计划

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Job description


  在日常工作中作为CM(Collaborative Manufacturing)的代表管理联合利华在三方工厂生产相关的事物,并积极和供应链计划、物流、采购和CP合作按时完成生产计划满足供应需求,达成OTIF、库存金额和BW指标;


作为三方工厂供应管理的第一责任人,对full buy模式工厂原材料库存不断优化管理,在保证供应的基础上最小化BW的产生; 及时在SAP内将供应链计划给到的计划量转成生产订单,并确保数量和交货日期正确; 对于subcontract的产品按时将RPM的需求转成订单给到供应商,并确保按订单交付时间按时交货,保证成品的按时生产; 及时完成三方工厂端的系统入库操作保证账实相符,对于出现的对账发票问题进行处理; 每季度按时提交报废明细,在原包材进行实物销毁的时候进行现场监督; 每季度到现场进行监盘,确保账实相符,同时配合财务完成盘盈盘亏盘盈调整; 指导和协调三方工厂每周的产出计划并每周追踪其完成情况; 对于即将不再售卖的产品或重新售卖的产品和CP、供应链计划紧密合作,每周确认原包材剩余情况,协助CP最小化原包材的BW; 对于新品和CP、SUIT、供应链计划紧密合作,配合SUIT进行新品调试,确保新品按时完成生产入库。


本科以上学历; 具有1年以上库存管理、生产管理或供应链相关工作经验优先; 熟练使用Microsoft办公软件,有SAP操作经验的优先; 良好的沟通协调能力,执行力,学习能力,追求成效;

Job Overview:

Work as a UL’s CM(Collaborative Manufacturing) representative to manage the entrusted production enterprise; work with supply planning, logistics, procurement and category planning team to achieve the OTIF, BW target.

Key Responsibilities:

Follow the request to place orders on time, and ensure the vendors deliver them on the right quantities and date. Continuing to optimize the RPM inventory of full-buy items, ensure fulfilling the Biz requirement and minimize BW at the same time. For subcontract items, follow the request to place on time, and ensure the vendors deliver them on the right quantities and date to support FG’s production. Receive FGs in SAP timely to ensure the account agrees with physical inventory and help vendor reconciliation. Quarterly submit the provision and supervise the physical destruction of RPM on site. Quarterly supervise inventory to ensure the account agrees with physical inventory, meanwhile, cooperate with the finance team to complete adjustments. Weekly tracking of the order on-time fulfilment. Work with SP/CP closely for new products launch or discontinue SKUs and weekly check RPM inventory and control well RPM write-off. Work with SP/CP closely for new products, support SUIT in trial process, and ensure inventory readiness on time.

Job Specifications/Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree;
Manufacturing or any other supply chain function experience is an advantage;
Proficient in using Microsoft Office software, SAP operation experience is an adcantage;
Good communication and coordination skills, execution ability, learning ability, and drive for result.

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