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DTC Specialist/电商新店开发专员

  • Shanghai, CHINA

Job description





·  成本测算:通过销售给到的包裹重量、件数及消费者地理分布,结合采购给到的报价,测算出包裹物流成本;
·  上新店时间线规划:与计划、物流、销售、市场部、研发、财务部等相关同事协调合作,包括系统准备、平台侧准备、内部物品资源准备、物流资源准备、包装方案确认等,规划整体店铺上新时间,以便以最快速度帮助店铺上市;
·  采购订单/固定资产确认/预算管理:针对已开发的IT系统,需在系统端完成供应商PO下单及确认收货,以及定期进行固定资产确认已完成资产折旧;
·  IT系统报价的预算计提及记录 店铺上市后管理:店铺上市后要进行为期1-2个月的特别监控阶段,收集订单数量信息、发货时效、揽收率、签收率、退货率、残损率等信息,并分析其中会出现的问题;将实际账单成本与BC里的成本做对比分析。
·  仓库盘亏盘盈/报废处理:月度/半年度与仓库沟通盘盈盘亏,并对货损或退货产品申请报废处理。
·  电商新渠道店铺研究及上新计划:除目前已经运营的电商渠道外,其余新电商平台如有上DTC店铺要求,需领导各部门研究平台玩法、逻辑、账单结算规则,财务部门结算流程审批,物流仓库资源准备,IT部门的系统资源准备等,统筹规划新平台店铺的上新时间;


·  有电商物流运作经验;
·  良好的队伍建设能力;
·  良好的沟通能力;
·  良好分析能力及判断能力;
·  具有专业度及积极的态度 项目管理能力 深入了解电商管理逻辑以及与实际运作结合的能力。

DTC CP Specialist

Location: Shanghai



·  1. Cost calculation: according to the data provided by site, including parcel gross weight, pieces per parcel and consumer geography distribution, combined with Procurement quotation, to estimate the cost per parcel.
·  2. DTC Store network : coordinate with planning, logistics, site, marketing, R&D, Finance etc. to prepare the resource on IT system (OMS,WMS), EC platform, FG and samples readiness, logistics warehouse, packaging confirmation etc. Fine tune the final network to help the DTC store to launch ASAP
·  3. PO/Capex confirmation: for those developed IT system, to place PO in coupa and confirm fixed assets in Marlin system; IT system quotation accrual and actual spending recording.
·  4. Intensive care: after the DTC store launched, need to have the intensive care stage for about 1-2months, to closely monitor the status about order volume vs BC, consumer geography distribution vs BC, delivery time, consumer return rate, receiving rate, damage rate etc to analyze if there’s any issue. Compare analysis on the actual cost vs the BC cost.
·  5.Inventory shortage and profit, business wastage write-off: monthly review inventory with warehouse colleagues; write-off business wastage on half year basis to get process approval
·  6. New EC channel DTC store study and launch plan: for those EC platform not launched DTC model, need to be the leader to coordinate with all cross functions including EC/BU FIN, CSF, Site, MKT, Logistics, IT, Planning etc to study the logic and billing rules, get Order-To-Cash process approval, get all resource ready including logistics warehouse, IT system (OMS/WMS), to organize the whole launch network .

Capability required

·  1. Logistics, EC warehouse management, 3PL management experience is required.
·  2. Good team building skills
·  3. Good communication skill
·  4. Good analytical skill and judgement
·  5. A matured professional with positive attitude
·  6. Good project management skill
·  7. Deeply understand EC management, be capable to implement and optimize daily on ground operation.

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