Expires soon Solvay

Stage Artifical intelligence / machine learning for image processing

  • Internship
  • Pessac ( Gironde )

Job description

Solvay is a multi-specialty chemical company committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges. We innovate and partner with customers in diverse global end markets. The Research & Innovation Function (R&I) leads Solvay into new growth territories with breakthrough innovation to generate new products, applications and processes in the field of sustainable chemistry. Partners with the GBUs to deliver more value and leverages the Group’s capabilities to improve competitiveness and create new business opportunities for Solvay and its customers.

Job Overview and Responsibilities:

The Solvay Laboratoire du Futur (LOF) at Pessac near Bordeaux is dedicated to speeding up the research at Solvay which is a big chemistry group.One method to achieve this is high throughput (HT) screening using automated workflows either with commercial robots or developed in house coupled with automated data analysis. In this context we have been using classical image acquisition and processing for fully automated quantitative data analysis for many different applications for more than 15 years now.One important step in image analysis is segmentation where each pixel of an image is classified as either background or belonging to a certain class. Proper segmentation is crucial for further image processing and with classical methods if often only achieved using an optimized set of preprocessing parameters that work well for a certain scenario, but may be less adapted or fail altogether for (often only) slightly different scenarios.

Our aim is now to make the step from classical to AI supported image processing using our large number of properly segmented images as a training sets for machine learning.For each new application we can also quickly create new training sets.

We are hence looking for a candidate with experience in machine learning in general who wants to apply AI methods to improve image processing in a range of very different application fields.

Education and Experience:

The candidate will become part of a small but dedicated team of engineers and developers whose mission is to provide customized automation and analysis solutions for in house projects as well as projects for other business units of the Solvay group. Apart from a solid technical and scientific background, we are looking for curious and creative candidates with a strong motivation for interdisciplinary research in a multicultural environment.


This internship is an opportunity to discover an industrial project in an applied research environment.

Internship duration and level: 5 month, master level

Start and end of internship: can be negotiated

Required skills: programming experience with AI in Matlab and/or python, experience in image processing is a plus but not obligatory