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Maintenance Electrician

  • Internship
  • Shreveport ( Caddo Parish )

Job description

Solvay is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristics.

Solvay is a multi-specialty chemical company committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges. We innovate and partner with customers in diverse global end markets. Novecare develops leading edge technologies that affect the behavior of fluids to give them cleansing, softening, moisturizing, hydrating, gelling, texturizing, penetrating or dispersing properties. Its products are found in shampoos, detergents, paints, lubricants, plant protection, mining and oil extraction.

The plant electrician is responsible for the manufacture and installation/removal of plant electrical equipment. The job includes proficiency in electrical wiring (480/277/120/24 VAC and DC circuits), reading engineering drawings & installation of electrical components, as well as general Maintenance tasks as needed alongside the other members of the Maintenance Department.

Job Overview and Responsibilities:

· Troubleshoot and repair AC and DC electrical circuit as well as control circuitry (motor and instrumentation)

· Test and troubleshoot: Electrical lighting systems, AC variable speed drives, Un-interruptible Power Supply systems

· Read and understand electrical drawings. Understand electrical classification requirements.

· Be aware of unique requirements of a PSM-designated facility (Process Safety Management - OSHA).

· Familiar with Class 1 Division 1 & 2 electrical classification requirements.

· Familiar with current Arc Flash regulations.

· Diagnose and apply results using: Voltmeters, ammeters, and meggers

· Perform preventive maintenance work as required by site.

· Communicating with supervisors, lead persons, and operators

· Weld pipe and steel together using both submerged metal arc welding (SMAW or “stick”) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW, TIG, or “heli-arc”) techniques.

· Perform related metal working tasks such as thermal cutting, arc gouging, and grinding position and clamp components of fabricated metal products in preparation for welding.

· Assemble and install a variety of pipe, tube, and equipment; may use big and small cranes, chain fall, or come-a-long to position work.

· Assemble pipe using threaded, caulked, soldered, or cemented joints and hand tools.

· Secure pipe to structure using brackets, clamps, and hangers.

· Test installed equipment to ensure adequacy of repair and safe operation upon commissioning.

· Follow applicable specifications, particularly piping and welding specifications, such that piping is installed to standard.

· Cut pipe and steel using saw, pipe cutter, hammer and chisel, cutting torch, or pipe cutting/threading machine lift and rig equipment and piping.

· Operate fork lift to transport work or maneuver equipment as necessary.

· Operate man lift or ladder to safety position self at a height to complete a task.

· Attend daily meeting to receive and discuss work orders that include but not limited to dismantling, repair, or changing of pipes, valves, process equipment, structures, etc.

· Coordinate repairs with production to ensure work site has been prepared to avoid interfering with activities of other workers.

· Verify proper life critical procedures, general work permit and documentation is prepared prior to the start of work.

· Inspect work site to determine best possible placement and routing of equipment and pipelines to allow long-term maintainability.

· Analyze problems to determine materials needed to complete task and transports materials to job site.

· Remove product from dismantled equipment by washing surfaces prior to transport.

· Perform housekeeping within areas of responsibility, both in the field and in the shop.

· Utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) according to specific job task.

· Perform other duties or projects as specified by supervisor or as needed by production.

Education and Experience:

· High school diploma

· Minimum 5 years of experience as a licensed electrician

· Certified Journeyman


· Willing to work in compact and confined spaces with or without accommodation
· Willing to climb ladders, walk up and down steps, and work at heights with or without accommodation
· Able to work while wearing a respirator or Level B chemical suit
· Willing to work overtime, holidays, nights, and weekends as required
· Willing to be on call and meet call-out standards to respond to site responsibilities and emergencies
· Complete understanding of National Electric Code (NFPA 70 and 70E)
· General Maintenance Skills
· Knowledge of and proficient with usage of hand tools
· Ability to read a measuring tape accurately