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Senior Manager - Scrum master

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Job description


Scrum of Scrums Mastery for Database Products:

·  Lead and facilitate Scrum of Scrums meetings tailored to the unique challenges of a database products team.
·  Collaborate closely with individual Scrum Masters in addressing database-specific inter-team dependencies, impediments, and technical challenges.
·  Develop strategies to scale Agile practices specifically within the database domain, aligning with the team's objectives and business priorities.

Agile Leadership in Database Product Development:

·  Provide guidance and mentorship to Scrum Masters and Agile teams specialized in database products, emphasizing collaboration and continuous improvement.
·  Foster an agile mindset that aligns with the intricacies of database development, including iterative database design and evolving data schemas.

Integration of IT Service Management (ITSM) in Database Products:

·  Integrate Scrum of Scrums activities with ITSM processes, ensuring that service management aligns seamlessly with Agile development practices for database products.
·  Enhance ITSM practices to accommodate the specific needs of database products, emphasizing data integrity, availability, and performance.

Scrum of Scrum Accountability:

·  Lead and facilitate Scrum of Scrum meetings to synchronize activities across multiple Scrum teams.
·  Collaborate with Scrum Masters and Product Owners to ensure alignment with organizational goals.
·  Identify and escalate impediments, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
·  Track and report on the progress of cross-team dependencies, ensuring timely resolution.

ServiceNow Processes Accountability:

·  Manage and optimize ServiceNow processes for efficiency and effectiveness.
·  Collaborate with stakeholders to gather requirements and configure ServiceNow workflows.
·  Ensure adherence to best practices and industry standards within ServiceNow implementation.
·  Monitor and analyze ServiceNow metrics to identify areas for improvement and implement enhancements.

Years of Experience

·  Total: 9+ years of experience
·  4+ years experience as a database administrator
·  3+ years of experience as Scrum of Scrums and managing ADO dashboard
·  2+ experience in managing vendor and deliveries

Mandatory Technical Skills

Agile and Scrum Knowledge:

·  Understanding of Scrum principles and Agile methodologies.
·  Familiarity with Scrum ceremonies and roles.
·  Knowledge of scaling frameworks like Scrum of Scrums for managing large projects.
·  Process Knowledge for ITIL process and Agile processes

Reporting and Dashboards:

·  Skill in creating custom reports and dashboards within ADO and managing ADO dashboard

Mandatory Non-Technical Skills

·  Collaboration with internal and external stake holders
·  Conflict resolution as running scrum of scrum would require quite close working with different teams
·  Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Monitor and enforce SLAs with vendors.
·  Continuous Evaluation: Regularly assess vendor performance

Differentiating Competencies

·  Ability to drive outcomes working with vendor partners
·  Ability to take ownership and drive the issues till closure
·  Ability to take route of machine first mindset  for approaches in running operations

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