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STAGE - Cost Estimating & Benchmarking

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  • Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine)
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Job description

STAGE - Cost Estimating & Benchmarking


Title :

Digitalisation of CAPEX Costs and Quantities on a revolutionary Circularity Energy project 


Objective :

Provide the trainee with a comprehensive understanding of an innovative digitalisation process for CAPEX costs and quantities 


The training  topics  :


1. Overview of CAPEX costs and quantities on an innovative circularity project

2. Understanding the current system and identifying gaps and inefficiencies

3. Developing a plan for implementing a digital solution

4. Selecting and implementing new software or tools

5. Customising existing software or tools to better suit the needs of the project

6. Establishing clear guidelines and protocols for data entry and management

7. Training the project team on the new system

8. Monitoring the performance of the digital solution and making necessary adjustments


The trainee role  :

The trainee would work closely with CAPEX Optimisation Manager to gain hands-on experience in each of these areas.

They would also have the opportunity to work with other members of the project team to gain a broader understanding of the project as a whole.


The trainee take away  :

By the end of the training, the trainee would have a comprehensive understanding of the digitalisation process for CAPEX costs and quantities. They would also have gained valuable experience working on a real-world innovative project and would be well-equipped to apply their knowledge and skills in future roles.

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