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  • Fukuoka, JAPAN
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description






・外部施工業者との調整や工事立会い 等

・Management of facility maintenance, upkeep, and inspection (outsourcing company)

・Maintenance, repair, and renewal of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE)

・Management of maintenance, inspection, repair and renewal work plan for kitchen equipment

・Management of repair budget and plan

Planning and management of capital investment

・Coordination with outside contractors and attendance of construction work

Desired profile

Qualifications :



・Able to see things in a positive light and take action.

・Able to value teamwork.




・基礎的なPCスキル:Excel/Word/Power Point

・Experience in facility maintenance and management at hotels or large commercial facilities

 Experience in a building management company is also welcome.

・Basic PC skills: Excel/Word/Power Point




・Experience in facility management, renovation and FFE work in the hotel industry

・Qualified in HVAC, electrical, etc.

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