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SSML 新产品导入工程师/New Product Introduction Engineer Yizheng

  • Yangzhou (Yangzhou Shi)
  • IT development

Job description

What are my responsibilities?

1. Planand setup of the product introduction project including project schedule,investment, budget. 规划新产品导入项目的项目计划、投资、预算;

2. Monitoring and track product introduction project status, Project schedule deviation tracking aswell as escalation. 监控和跟踪新产品导入项目的状态,项目进度偏差的跟踪及升级;

3. Identify risks associated with production preparation in newproduct introduction and organize the project team to reduce the risk. 识别新产品导入项目中生产准备相关的风险,并组织项目团队降低风险;

4.Coordinatingproblem solving meeting (e.g. DFM, DFT deviation). 协调问题解决会议 (如可制造性,可测试性存在偏差)

What do I need toqualify for this job?

1.Be familiarwith motor principium. 熟悉电机产品的原理

2. Be familiar withmotor manufacture procedure and manufacture techniques. 熟悉电机制造流程和制造工艺

3.Teamcoordination/leading skill and people management skill. 团队协作/领导技能和人员管理技能

4.Morethan 3 years working experiences with mechanical design, manufacturing processof Motors. 3年以上机械设计或电机制造过程工作经验

What else do I needto know?

1. College or higher in mechanical & electrical or othersimilar specialty. 大学机械、电气及以上其他相关专业

2. Good English written and spoken. 良好的英语听说读写能力

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