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SLDE Project Manager Tianjin

  • Tianjin (Tianjin Municipality)
  • Sales

Job description

The role.
Develops and manages target business/customer and market share increase according to customer requirement, and with responsibility for economic result. Be responsible for collecting marketing, competitors, customer demand for supporting product optimization to fulfill customer request and keep competition.
1. Clarifies customers´ targets and requirements, and specification in request for quotation (RFQ). 澄清客户目标及需求,准备客户方案。
2. Coordinates frame agreement, project planning (if necessary) and decides on allocation of resources, to fulfill business and customer order request. 协调准备框架协议,项目计划(如有需求)以及资源配置,以满足业务/客户订单需求。
3. Monitors target business/customer to achieve target KPI, and initiates actions to minimize non-conformance cost and keep competitiveness. 监控目标业务/客户的KPI达成,发起及实施相关措施以降低不合格成本,并保持竞争力。
4. Consults with customers on technical solutions, together with Sales Manager or Key Account Manager. 同销售或大客户经理共同商讨及确定客户方案。
5. Maintains constant communication to customers, outside contractors, or other stakeholders. 保持同客户及其他相关方的沟通。
6. Manages and coordinates all temporarily assigned project staff. 管理并协调项目成员的工作。
7. Responsible for business performance of designated product line, e.g., economic results, and cost reduction of suitable product. 对业务(财务)结果承担职责并负责客户适用产品成本优化。
8. Complete other tasks assigned by superior based on company request. 完成领导交办的其它任务。

Your profile.
1. 3-5 years or above experience on motor related field or business development /project management field, etc. 拥有3-5年或以上电机相关领域行业经验或业务拓展,项目管理相关经验。
2. Deep understanding on OEM and project business, e.g., pipeline management, cross function coordination and synergy, OEM, technical requirements, especially on HV and LV motor, etc. 了解OEM或项目型业务,如潜在项目管理,跨职能合作和融合等。
3. Strong communication and organizational skills. 优秀的沟通和组织能力。
4. Passionate and self-motivated. 充满热情和自我驱动力。
5. Good learning ability with good business sense. 良好的学习能力和领悟力。
6. Fluent English is preferred. 英语熟练优先。
7. Good intercultural skills. 良好多文化沟通技能。

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