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Electronic Component Engineer - Supplyframe

  • Sunzhen (Weinan Shi)

Job description

Job Description
1. Utilize professional abilities to collect and compile electronic component materials and information (not limited to Datasheets, classification, packaging, substitution relationships, reference designs, etc.); 
2. Assist in archiving to the company's product library and all associated libraries; 
3. Assist the IT department in optimizing the front-end user experience of the company's component library; 
4. Utilize professional knowledge to provide reasonable reference solutions to operations and marketing departments; 
5. Assist in managing the company's open laboratory, guide external personnel to use laboratory equipment (including but not limited to 3D printing, small CNC machining centers, reflow welding machines, oscilloscopes...), and be responsible for laboratory reception and demo demonstrations.

1. College degree or above, major in Electronic or Communication Engineering; 
2. 1-3 years of experience in the electronics industry, familiar with electronic components; 
3. Participated in project development and device selection work; 
4. Familiar with using office software such as Excel; 
5. Strong communication and logical thinking skills; 
6. Have a sense of responsibility and good teamwork skills. 
7. Excellent learning ability.

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