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Building Management System Integration, Software Engineer

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Job description

What are my responsibilities?
Min. Bachelor Degree of Mechanical or Electrical-Electronics Engineering
Good command of English
Motivation and interest in working on software and SCADA projects.
Ability to document and demonstrate solutions and processes by preparing documentation.
Industrial protocol (like Bacnet, Modbus, SNMP, OPC, KNX) knowledge
Basic AutoCAD skill
Network knowledge
• System Design: Building management system software engineers contribute to the design of the system by understanding customer requirements and the necessary functionalities This includes decisions about the architecture, components and functionality of building automation systems
• Integration: Building management systems need to be integrated with various system, devices, sensors and software. Software engineers bring these different components together and ensure data communication
• Data Analysis: Systems often generate large amounts of data. Software engineers analyze this data to gain insights into energy efficiency, fault diagnosis and system performance, among other aspects
• Testing and Verification: Engineers conduct testing and verification procedures to ensure that the software functions correctly.This is crucial for identifying and rectifying errors and enhancing reliability
• Updates: Technological advancements and changing requirements may necessitate system updates. Software engineers manage and implement these updates
• Training: They may also be responsible for providing training to users to ensure the correct use of the system
• Security: Security is a critical aspect of building management systems. Software engineers work to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities in the systems.
 Desired Soft skills:
Excellent interpersonal communication, problem solving and analytical skills,
Strong self-organization including ability to work independently and manage time effectively,
Teammate with highly collaborative, self-motivated, positive and upbeat attitude,
Committed to quality oriented, tidy, and well documented business delivery,
Comfortable interpreting and understanding initially unfamiliar concepts.

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