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Responsible for the design, maintenance, management, maintenance, improvement and related project implementation of the company's production and public system related equipment, and to meet the requirements of GMP and HSE, assist the maintenance manager in the management of facilities, public systems, equipment, including maintenance, prevention Maintenance, verification and validation, and spare parts management.

·  负责设备、设施及公用设备的维修工作。

Responsible for the maintenance of equipment, facilities and public facilities.

·  负责设备、设施及公用设备的预防维修工作。

Responsible for the preventive maintenance of equipment, facilities and public facilities.

·  负责设备、设施及公用设备的预防维修计划及内容的编写。

Responsible for the preventive maintenance of equipment, facilities and public facilities.

·  根据月度设备维护计划和实际需要,安排设备维护工作,确保公司设备的正常运行;

According to the monthly equipment maintenance plan and actual needs, arrange the equipment maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the company's equipment.

·  制定、优化现有生产和公用系统的预防性维护体系,确保生产设备运行良好;

Formulate and optimize preventive maintenance systems for existing production and utility systems to ensure that production equipment operates well.

·  对高故障的设备提出改造建议,并经许可后实施;

Provides suggestions of improvement of high - faulty equipment, implement after.

·  作为项目的责任人,与其他部门合作,制定和实施项目;

As project leader to be responsible for cross-department projects, make plan of projects and execute the project.

·  参与偏差和投诉的调查,完成调查整改。

Participate in the investigation of deviations and complaints, complete the investigation and rectification.

·  负责系统或设备相关的验证文件、记录的起草和执行;

Responsible for the drafting and execution of system- or equipment-related verification documents and records.

·  制定,更新设备相关的操作程序,维护保养程序等相关程序文件和记录;

Develop and update equipment-related operating procedures, maintenance procedures, and other related program files and records.

·  确保文件的记录,归档和管理;

Ensure the recording, archiving and management of documents.

·  遵循地方和国家法规,规范,工厂质量/EHS规范,ISO14001要求,确保项目符合HSE和质量要求;

Comply with local and national regulations, specifications, factory quality/HSE regulations, and ISO 14001 requirements to ensure that the project meets HSE and quality requirements.

·  对维修区域按照5S进行管理。

The maintenance area is managed according to 5S.

·  对职责范围(岗位)内的质量和职业健康安全环境工作负责;

Be responsible for Quality and Health-Safety-Environment in my position/workstation.

·  积极完成上级、部门和公司布置的其它工作任务;

Complete other responsibilities from direct manager, department and the company.

Better to have : 优先考虑项

·  Education教育:

College or above本科或以上

·  Professional /Major专业:
·  械或电气自动化相关专业 Mechanic or Electricity or Automatic specialty
·  Experience 经验:

Foreign enterprise work experience(外企工作经验)

·  Language 语言 :
·  Good at English reading, writing, listening and speaking
·  Other Ability 其他能力:
·  GMP知识 Familiar with GMP knowledge
·  Bolier certificate
·  Low voltage electrician operation certificate
·  操作证High voltage electrician operation certificate
·  AutoCAD,Solidworks, ProE, 或E-plan等;

Skilled in AutoCAD, Solidworks, ProE, or E-plan;

At Sanofi diversity and inclusion is foundational to how we operate and embedded in our Core Values. We recognize to truly tap into the richness diversity brings we must lead with inclusion and have a workplace where those differences can thrive and be leveraged to empower the lives of our colleagues, patients and customers. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.

Make every future a success.
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