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Supervising Associate – SAP Concur

  • Internship
  • Cochin ( Ernākulam )

Job description


Program Mercury is a large, multi-year,enterprise-wide process transformation that will replace more than 1400 EYbusiness systems and related processes with an integrated, SAP centricplatform that will standardize and harmonize activities throughout theorganization and significantly improve how EY manages its business. ProgramMercury is a key enabler of EY’s Vision 2020, directly supporting the effortsof a number of transformation initiatives across the Firm by streamlining theapplication portfolio, reducing operating costs and providing a platform to deliver services moreefficiently.


As an organization jointlyowned by the business and IT, the MST is a centralized and globalorganization which will provide operational support for the delivered Mercurysolution and manage and support the Mercury user community. The MST will playan integral role in governance of the Mercury solution and the globaltemplate from both a business and IT perspective and will evolve to workclosely with the business in enabling the benefit and value to be realizedfrom the investment in Program Mercury and to set the furture direction andtechnology road map to support Vision 2020.

The Technology Workstream is one of the sixcore functions of the MST. Within the technology stream the service deliverymanagement function will provide anappropriately resourced and skilled organization that will:

· Accept the delivered Mercury solutionfrom the Program and provide integrated, seamless functional andtechnical support
· Take accountability for the deliveredMercury solution and deliver services, in line with defined servicetargets, to the Mercury user community
· Act as the single point of contact forvendors delivering support services across the integrated Mercuryapplication landscape
· Enable the Program Team to focus on thecontinued deployment of the global template and ongoing localizationrequirements.


· The Service Delivery Manager(SDM) plays an integral and wide-ranging role in the delivery of the servicesprovided by the MST to the Mercury User Community. An SDM is required foreach of the business process or functional areas which form the backbone ofthe Mercury solution, namely Finance, Procurement, Service Delivery /Engagement Management and Customer Relationship Management. As such, the SDMshould have deep techno-functional experience in one or more of the in scopefunctional areas. This experience should include specific and detailedknowledge of configuration in SAP, gained through both program implementationand support, and the technical integration of SAP with other applications, includingdata transfer and interface management via SAP PI/PO and other middlewaresolutions.
· The SDM will have fullresponsibility for the end-to-end business process chains, in the functionalarea for which they are accountable, which are managed and executed via theMercury solution and more particularly within SAP. From a day-to-dayoperational support perspective, the SDM should ensure the timely andsatisfactory resolution of production impacting incidents within their ownfunctional area or where cross-functional incidents required their input. TheSDM must work closely with the functionally aligned / process aligned supportteams which form part of the service delivered by the AMS vendor. Similarly,they must work closely with the EY Technology Portfolio Service Deliveryteams, where there are incidents involving applications which are dependentor impacted by the Mercury solution. As such, the SDM will take the lead rolein the restoration of service and investigation of incidents with of criticalor high priority and must ensure that specific actions are agreed andundertaken to determine the root cause and then deliver the relevant fixsafely and without impact on the production environment.
· As the deployment of Mercurycontinues beyond the pilot phase, the SDM will work closely with the ProcessExperts within the MST and relevant representatives from the businesscommunity and the GPOs to define the road map and portfolio for their ownfunctional or process area. The SDM will ensure that solutions proposed bythe Process Experts are technically viable and do not have any adverse impact from a technical integrationperspective. They must ensure that a full impact assessment is conducted and co-ordinate the solutioning and delivery by the AMS vendor where appropriate,working closely with EY Technology Portfolio Service Delivery oncross-application delivery.
· The SDMwill work closely with the Service Manager regarding service performance fortheir own functional area, agreeing action plans with the AMS functionalteam, as required, to help prioritize incident backlog and develop demandplans for the delivery of service requests, maintenance requests andenhancement requests.


· Detailedand specific knowledge of the relevant functional area in SAP, gainedthrough a combination of program delivery / implementation and support.
· Managethe delivery of MST services to the Mercury user community from afunctional perspective.
· Managethe functional resources of the AMS vendor in terms of resourceplanning, demand management and the prioritization of workload.
· Managestakeholders across the IT Services landscape regarding the theoperational support of the Mercury solution, with a particular focus ontechnical integration, including interfaces between impacted and / ordependent applications
· Workclosely with the GPOs and process leads to develop process specificportfolios and demand plans for the relevant functional areas of theMercury solution and take the prime responsibility for the delivery ofservice requests, maintenance requests and enhancement requests
· Workclosely with the Mercury program functional teams regarding theviability of business requirements and the potential impact upon theglobal template .
· Ensureongoing awareness of the impact of future program releases across thefunctional area and provide input to impact assessments as required.


· Make informed judgments and take appropriate action regarding issues which may potentially impact the quality of services delivered by the MST across the relevant functional area
· Analyze requirements from the business and take appropriate steps to define action plans which are detailed, meaningful and set expectations appropriately with the business
· Analyze service performance based on data provided and interpret the data to determine the quality of the service – validate this against the user perception of the service
· Determine when it is appropriate to escalate and use judgement and experience and to determine the most effective course of action
· Engage and work closely with the stakeholders across business and IT, using personal experience and judgement to define tailored approaches to dealing with specific stakeholders, setting expectations appropriately and building trust and confidence.


· Concur Expense experience as implementation/support.
· Concur Expense life cycle (Creating Expense, Adding Attendees, Allocating Expense, Itemizing and working on Mileage).
· Working experience of Travel & Expense, Accounting, Expense Reports, Concur, and Finance.
· Understanding the Global Travel and Expense system and configuration of Expense Types, Per Diems and workflow.
· Handle Concur activities in providing technical expertise on integrations, feeds, loads and extracts.
· Concur Expense reports creation and extraction linked to Expenses and Finance.
· Integrate Concur with third-party apps and services and with SAP solutions like SAP ERP HCM, SAP Success Factors, and SAP ERP Financials.
· Handling the setup and scheduling of all internal interfaces and system jobs.
· Provide client/internal team’s expertise & support for troubleshooting of technical issues related to the Concur T&E system.
· Excellent interpersonal, client service, communication, organizational, and project management skills.
· Excellent problem solving and decision making skills
· Ability to react appropriately during crisis situations.
· Operate in a dynamic, fast moving and changing environment
· Deep and practical ITILv3 knowledge and experience


· Receives direction rather than supervision
· Able to act independently, seeking consultation guidance and advice as appropriate
· Actively develops team members and direct reports by providing day-to-day guidance, feedback and on-the-job coaching
· Responsible for compliance with performance management objectives
· Mentors and counsels staff members


· Demonstrate an inclusive and globally aware mindset
· Ability and flexibility to work in a virtual environment across multiple time zones
· Flexibility to work non-standard hours in supporting global production systems.
· International travel may be needed.



· Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline or equivalent work experience
· Minimum 5 years’ - Concur Expense life cycle exepriance.
· Functional and/or technical experience in supporting global systems (SAP) including knowledge of data flows, processes and best practices.
· Strong service management experience with good awareness of ITILv3.


· Concur certification preferred.