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Service Planning (HAT: 5476)

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Job description

The Service Management Specialistsupports the orderly, high level of quality management activities aligned to specific service delivery and cost recovery measures within Information Technology (IT) business units. The role is aligned to the service management remittomaintain consistency, compliance and quality of processes as well as identify improvement opportunities.The role supports the planning and the implementation of a technical plan and ‘roadmap’ to capture and report on the short term and long term goals for select business activities to provide an orderly transition to the next generation of functionality or to maintain operational readiness for the current processes and services. The role supports the compilation of metrics and reporting as part of the financial management for the business unit inclusive of service costing and staff salary and other metrics to enable a review ofbudgetary spending and other global or location specific measurements. The role uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Critical Success factors (CSFs) to monitor expected service delivery performance as well as to analyze and identify possible trends requiring further action by the business unit and IT at large. The role is knowledgeable in such industry standards such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework which details the IT industry mandated review procedures for IT Infrastructure Operations in the basic to complex processes to systematically prescribe improvements. The role extracts and reviews analytic reporting from the IT Service Management tool, ServiceNow to identify patterns in incidents as well as reviews audit findings for opportunities to recommend improvement. The role is knowledgeable of specific service mandates such as Operational Level Agreements (OLA) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) that govern the assigned business unit and produces metrics that determine opportunities to further streamline, strengthen and automate operational processes, procedures and service targets. The role proactively maintains a working knowledge of the underlying technologies within IT and in particular those utilized in the assigned business, The role maintains appropriate metrics analytics and reporting to identify opportunities for business training and other aspects of knowledge sharing for IT teams. The role supports the periodic audits of the assigned business unit as an identified business resource and can be assigned tasks in high visibility projects such as those supporting business mergers and acquisitions. The role is an individual contributor and is managed by the Service Management Lead for a specific business unit.

Essential Functions of the Job:

Supports analytics and other quantitative and qualitative activities to improve, refine and support the global consistency and quality management processes for an assigned IT business unit. 

Understands the agreed definition and implementation of the business unit’s service strategy aligned to overall IT service directives. Proactively maintains a knowledge of the service architecture across the integrated IT service teams to provide the necessary metrics and other supportive activities to guide the operation of the assigned IT business unit. 

Supports business requests for IT service enhancements and compiles information to conduct cost benefit analysis for operating standards improvements as part of the team’s continuous improvement efforts. Provides quality assurance and other assigned support for planned and in progress projects and directives.

Creates and periodically updates the business’ operating plan and gathers the necessary information to report on EY and ITstrategic initiatives such as Vision 2020 and IT location strategies. Collaborates with peers in IT and specific external service providersto monitor the services’ overall integrity, consistency and compliance to internal mandates as well as to identify improvements to same.

Reviews and provides reporting on activities during the Transition Phase up to thefinal acceptance of the new or modified operating directives. Reviews and reports on the proper change-over from testing and production-ready to the live environment. Identifies the need for training and captures data to ascertain the final acceptance and sign-off is received from the sponsor and IT leadership on any changes prior to live date. .

Identifies and compiles Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Critical Success factors (CSFs), and other metrics such as staffing and capacity levels to ascertain variances requiring attention. Conducts an inventory of all cost drivers or cost of services to consumption drivers and other financials to identify to management those that may need adjustment.

Utilizes the appropriate aspects of industry standards such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework which details the IT industry mandated procedures for IT Operations analytics to provide a review of processes and identify improvements for same. 

Reviews and compares metrics to assess operational efficiency and overall adherence to Operational Level Agreements (OLA) as well as Service Level Agreements (SLA) to determine adherence to service standards and business directives. Supports with metrics such activities as Follow the Sun (FTS) which allows for a 24/7 coverage of services to Information Technology (IT) or the use of OnCall and other scheduling for service coverage during off days such as over a weekend or holidays and other activities as may be assigned.

Provides tactical support for service improvement projects and implementation of process improvement activities. Supports management in the cohesive efforts between the business unit and other IT support teams to have one unified operating model of service support that meets or exceeds service targets in operational readiness and service management.  

Identifies noted patterns in audit findings or other data from incident analysis in IT Service Management tool, ServiceNow, to identify possible trends or potential areas to streamline, strengthen and automate operational processes and/or procedures. 

Supports the knowledge management process by developing, delivering and maintaining a unified knowledge repository within the shared EY communication resource, SharePoint.  Provides the appropriate processes and adherence to procedures to support the business’ documentation storage and the ongoing management of same.

Maintains an ongoing understanding of the compliance and financial controls guiding the IT and EY businesses to recognize best practices, or to propose changes to the business’ services to provide value and maintain operational readiness such as those supporting IT’s overall location strategy.                                                                                                                                                          

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

·       Maintains interpersonal skills to engage with senior executives of the firm, in cross business discussions within a matrixed, geographically dispersed organization and to build a solid network of peers and others of influence. Adapts personal communication style to the style of others, develops rapport and stays calm under pressure or escalating issues using advanced oral and written English communication skills. 

·       Projects basic consultative skill to conduct effective questioninghone in on key directives to formulate ideas and materials as well as present those ideas clearly and concisely to all levels of the organization including senior and/or executive management

·       Proactively maintains a knowledge of IT service pricing, the basics of business case development inclusive of return on investment (ROI), and project management for the assigned business as well as the overall IT processes and operating environment to recognize and identify improvement opportunities in the services provided within IT by the aligned vendors or internal operations.

·       Manifests analytical and problem solving abilities to identify and escalate complex and conflicting change issues, handle multiple and shifting priorities across a broad spectrum of operating environments and apply solutions that are both financially sound and operationally feasible for IT continuity management.    

·       Strong knowledge of IT service and integration architecture development aligned to an ITIL based strategy or other industry noted frameworks for transformation and formulation within an IT service architecture. Incorporates a working knowledge of effective vendor management as appropriate and aligned to services in use by the business unit.                                                                                                                                                                                              

·       Manifests a basic financial understanding of IT Services budgets and cost elements with the ability to perform market or competitor analysis and business domain or operations analytics





Approximately 7 years of experience in an IT Infrastructure or Domain aligned role. Able to exhibit a progression of increasingly complex job responsibilities during the period inclusive of project and service management skills and reporting and metrics gathering techniques. 


Certification Requirements:

ITIL Foundations or equivalent. 


Develops a continuous understanding of EY’s business, the interconnectivity assigned business unit has to the firm’s operating model. Identifies the appropriate services and solutions as part of knowledge sharing and platform and services positioning.


Shift: Monday to Friday 9-6PM

Location: Microcentro

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