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IT Manager


Job description

Key tasks

Ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the IT department and to deliver a prompt and efficient service to all department in the Hotel
• Ensures that the Hotel’s computer system both hardware and software is fully accounted for, properly maintained and reliable
• Ensures that procedures are in place that in the event any any problem encountered in software and hardware that they are addressed immediately
• Ensures the physical and logical security of IT system
• Defines and keeps update written incident management policies and procedures where the action to be taken and persons to be contacted in case of an incident are clearly mentioned.
• Be ready and responsible when assigned to perform any other duties as designated by management
• Attends to any problems encountered in software and hardware by all departments and to keep a register of such incidents and the manner in which they have been solved
• Performs routine system setups as may be required by software and or programs such as regular update of antivirus programs
• Strictly performs daily, monthly back up procedures, ensuring the successful completion of the process and the safeguard of the backup tapes
• Assists any departments of the hotel in formulating their IT material requirments and provide adequate solutions to their needs
• Provides regular training on IT security and ensure that all PMS access passwords are regularly updated, automatic standby mode on servers and PMS activated and IT procedures strictly follows by all employees of the hotel
• Performs regular computer audits searching for unauthorized programs, improper setup or loopholes in the security setup