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Job description

Being the focal point to manage all VBP related topics with provincial and city bidding/procurement authorities as well as internal teams 作为管理带量采购相关业务问题(包括与省/市招采主管机关和内部团队沟通协作)的核心人员   

VBP policy shaping 带量采购政策影响

·  Engage key government stakeholders in charge of drug bidding and procurement policy development 与政府负责药品招采政策制定的关键人员建立密切关系
·  Effectively communicate company position with officials and influence the policy towards desired direction 有效传递公司立场,并按期望方向影响政策走向
·  Proactively monitoring and influence VBP/procurement policy development in potential new rounds of VBPs 主动跟踪,影响未来新带量采购的政策发展

VBP policy execution tracking and influencing 带量采购政策执行跟进与反馈

·  Leverage difference resources to regularly and accurately gather critical information on VBP implementation 利用多种渠道定期获取带量采购执行中的关键信息
·  Adopt analytical tools to conduct in-depth analysis on the information collected to identify improvement areas in VBP implementation 利用分析工具对获取的信息进行深入研究分析,发现带量采购执行中的改进空间
·  Formulate the communicate suggestions on execution to bidding and procurement authorities to address the execution issues 针对发现的问题,形成对招采主管机构的针对性建议
·  Liaise with PAMA team to communicate the suggestions to other key government stakeholders 与政府事务团队协作,向其他相关部门传递带量采购执行中的建议

Internal information sharing and advising 内部信息分享与建议

·  Timely share execution status analysis with BU hospital access managers and distributor partnership managers 及时和相关医院准入经理及经销商伙伴经理沟通带量采购执行状况分析结果
·  Provide support to access managers and distributor partnership managers to assess resource deployment and develop action plans to close gaps in VBP implementation 支持医院准入经理及经销商伙伴经理依据分析结果优化资源配置,制定行动计划解决带量采购执行中的问题



Education background:                                                                                        

·  Minimum bachelor degree, pharmaceutical or medicine related major preferred本科及以上学历,医学、药学相关专业优先


·  At least 6 years experience in pharmaceutical industry, experience in bidding and procurement related functions highly preferred 不少于6年医药行业工作经验,有招标采购相关工作经验优先
·  Experience in interacting with government authorities is preferred有与政府机构互动经验者优先

Professional skills

·  Familiar with pharmaceutical market environment and trend, especially bidding and procurement policy 熟悉外部市场环境和趋势,尤其是招采相关政策
·  Experienced in government communication and influencing 具备良好的政府沟通与影响能力
·  Capabilities in develop trust relationship with key government stakeholders and become an expert for advice 有能力和关键政府人员建立互信关系,成为其咨询专家
·  Strong analytical skills 扎实的数据分析能力
·  Superior communication and teamwork skills 出色的沟通与协作能力
·  Experience of team management preferred具有团队管理经验优先

Core competencies:

·  Motivational 主观能动性强
·  Fast leaner 具有快速学习能力
·  Adapt to changes 能够迅速适应市场环境变化
·  Work under pressure 能够在压力下积极工作

At Sanofi diversity and inclusion is foundational to how we operate and embedded in our Core Values. We recognize to truly tap into the richness diversity brings we must lead with inclusion and have a workplace where those differences can thrive and be leveraged to empower the lives of our colleagues, patients and customers. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.

Make every future a success.
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