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Metrology Intern

  • Sunzhen (Weinan Shi)
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

计量实习生  Metrology Intern


·  协助完成仪器仪表的计量校准工作
·  建立和完善计量校准管理,跟踪现场校准的措施实施
·  参加部门及团队内部例会,提供仪器仪表的校准维护信息,推行和分享良好的计量管理实践Assist in the measurement and calibration of instrumentation;Establish and improve measurement and calibration management, and track the implementation of on-site calibration measures;Participate in regular departmental and team meetings, provide calibration and maintenance information of instrumentation, and promote and share good measurement management practices

关键职责 Key Accountabilities

·  协助完成仪器仪表的现场计量工作

Assist in the completion of on-site measurement of instrumentation

·  统计和更新仪器仪表的实时状态和证书归档

Statistics and update the real-time status of instruments and certificate archives

·  MES和LIMS系统内的动态数据维护

Dynamic data maintenance within MES and LIMS systems

·  按照公司要求参加相关培训,正确填写相关的GMP记录

Participate in relevant training as required by the company and fill in relevant GMP records correctly

教育及工作经验 Education and Working Experience

·  大学本科,工程类相关专业 Bachelor degree, Engineering related majors
·  学习能力好,沟通表达能力强的应届生 Fresh graduates with good learning ability and strong communication skills

关键技术能力以及其他软技能Key technical competencies and soft skills:

·  熟练操作办公软件, 具备计算机操作能力(CAD软件)

Proficiency in operating office software, computer knowledge (CAD software)

·  掌握一项或多项质量和可靠性工具、技术和方法

Have thorough knowledge of one or more quality and reliability tools, techniques, and methods (e.g., 6 sigma, DMAIC, FMEA, Weibull analysis, Reliability analysis).

·  良好的组织协调和沟通能力, 具备良好的英语听说读写能力

Good organizational coordination and communication skills, good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

·  具备设备数据统计分析处理能力

Ability of statistical analysis and processing of equipment data

·  运用可靠性管理理论和方法,确定维护改进的可行性方案

Use reliability management theories and methods to determine and feasibility of maintenance and


·  控制备件库存和维护、维修费用

Control spare paths inventory and maintenance and repair costs

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