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Personnel Officer - Park Hyatt Hangzhou(Local)

  • Hangzhou, CHINA
  • Infra / Networks / Telecom

Job description

§ 确保维持一个有序的、及时更新的人事记录系统。

Ensures that an organised, up-to-date filing system is maintained for all personnel records.

§ 确保每一个员工的录用程序都符合当地的法律。

Ensures all employment practices are in keeping with local legislation.

§ 确保对于员工档案及时并保密地管理。

Ensures the timely and confidential management of associate data.

§ 将员工信息录入人力资源系统。

Enters Personnel records into the HR System.

§ 确保在员工申请工伤的过程中各种文件恰当使用。

Ensuring proper documentation for the process of associate work accidents claim.

§ 对于人事经理指派的任务,与当地的劳资机构紧密协调合作。

Liaises with the local Labour authority for all related matters as assigned by the Personnel Manager.

§ 按时准备出勤及旷工报表。

Preparation of turnover and absenteeism reports in a timely manner.

§ 协助检查员工餐厅的食品质量及卫生。

Assists in checking the food quality and cleanliness of the Associate Restaurant.

§ 维护各种手册及电子人事信息档案以确保所有所需记录的准确性。

Maintains manual and electronic personnel files, ensuring that required record keeping is accurate.

§ 协助完成新员工的录用、登记,在适当的时间安排面试的事宜。

Assists in the recruitment process by handling enquiries, registration and arranging interview at appropriate time.

§ 维护所有的应聘要求以便从中选择合适的人选。

Maintains all applications, screens and interviews applicants suitable for positions

§ 确保所有的求职申请,不论通过还是拒绝都能在两周之内给予回复。

Ensures that all applications are reviewed and that acknowledgment/ reject letters are sent out 2 weeks from date of receipt.

§ 协助准备酒店的招聘资料,使其能够加强宣传本酒店的特性和表达专业的企业形象。

Assists in the preparation of recruitment advertisements that reinforces the corporate identity and projects a professional image.

§ 根据酒店、行业和公司的指引,回应需求、改变,执行任何合理的任务及额外职责。

Responds to requests to undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties and to changes as dictated by the Hotel, industry and company.