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Assistant Manager -Housekeeping

  • Hangzhou, CHINA
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

· 协助部门建立完善并且维护部门营运手册,部门营运手册应当反映出酒店政策和程序以及工作过程和标准。确保每年进行回顾,反映出改变。

Assists with the development and maintenance of a detailed Departmental Operations Manual that reflects Policies & Procedures, work processes and standards of performance within the Division. Ensures annual review to accurately reflect any changes.

· 协助准备年度商业计划,确保部门目标充分体现酒店目标并满足员工需要。

Assists with the preparation of the annual Rooms Business Plan, ensuring Divisional Objectives fully address business objectives of the Hotel and needs of associates.

· 与房务部总监密切合作准备和定期更新客房部预算,确保达到预算目标并且有效的控制成本。

Assists with the preparation and regular update of the Housekeeping Departmental Budget, in close cooperation with the Housekeeping Manager, ensuring targets are met and costs are effectively controlled.

· 不断监督和确保客人遗留物品的正确处理和管理。

Constantly monitors and ensures the proper handling and control of lost and found items.

· 确保为清洁窗户、公区及后场区域的外聘清洁公司清洁工人安排适当的工作任务。

Ensures proper work assignments to the contract cleaners of windows, public and back of house areas.

· 确保为提供虫害防治和植物租摆服务的合同服务商安排适当的工作任务,监督服务质量、工作效率和专业性。

Ensure proper work of the service contractors of pest control and plant rental, supervise the service quality, efficiency and profession.

· 确保清洁设备供应商根据合同的售后服务条款对清洁设备进行定期的维护。

Ensures after-sale service execute by cleaning equipment supplier periodically according to contract indicates, ensure the equipment have proper maintenance.

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