Expires soon Vallourec Oil And Gas France


  • V.I.E.
  • December 1, 2018
  • Community management

Job description

The VAM Threading Competence Center is a 9 years old team designed to give industrial support to follow strategy to expand our footprint and capacity for OCTG Premium Threading.
In 2017, the VAM threading Competence Center open his industrialization center to industrialize new product and standardize associated process. in this frame there is a need to reinforce our technical team to capitalize on Industrial Strategy in the Process and to accompany the new products.
In the next years to come, there is a strong strategy in Vallourec to reduce time to market for new products, that brings a big effort to introduce new process innovation to follow our R&D premium Connection team and improve Vallourec thread production efficiency
Poste et missions:
There is challenging technologies to explore, therefore there is many works to do to develop prototypes and qualify technologies in order to consider and integrate them in OCTG shops to use them for actual and future VAM Product manufacturing.
To support the Industrialization Center in development of process or specific product industrialization inside Threading Community in order to help the deployment of our footprint worldwide, guided by these 5 main missions :
1/ Capitalization of activity on Industrialization center lines :
capture and restitute in Guideline key process parameters. Synthesize with process experts complexity and process solution.
Analyze production records and identify weakness.
2/Support local center management :
Support local line manager in trials organization and supply, follow up of trials and performances. Support in reporting of activity to local and remote management.
3/ Support Industrialization Center development : identify and propose improvements on line to increase performance, cost or quality. Participate actively on CAPEX project on the line, follow up of suppliers, sub-project management...
4/Training team and Material development :
To collaborate with E Learning team of VAM TCC in order to build modules for training purposes.
5/ Support community companies : Support project leads in sister companies by ensuring a follow up of supplier, reporting to project manager.
Coordination is strongly needed between all team inside VAM TCC, the hierarchical manager is located in France. There exist an extensive process community with 28 different cities to help coordinate. Many cross functional relationship to make things happen in OCTG.
Strong bond with VAM TCC France and VAMM TCC Mexicao is absolutely required.
Able to provide satisfying reporting on daily activity
1/ Create at least 3 guidelines package for product deployment in sister company
2/Challenge industrialization package to create a useful standard in VALLOUREC group for new industrialization.
3/Support preparation of benchmark event by collecting information's on next OCTG product generation and technology.
4/Prepare and implement Industrialization Center for production's like integration.
5/ Prepare, implement and animate line communication and connection to rest of VALLOUREC world (publication of line activity, of open planning, running..)
Engineer with :
- Open mind to find solution on thread complex products
- Good communication skills (report, Email, phone, face to face..)
- Autonomy
- Capable to follow up tasks in time constrains
- Capable to communicate any issue early on
- Comfortable in working with manufacturing team like Methods, quality, production, maintenance..
- Comfortable following Manufacturing Quality procedure
- Capable to manage and work with local suppliers
- open to develop innovative solutions and research new manufacturing technology
- Able to prepare product and process reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends with support of experts
- Able to provide suggestions during incident investigations and advise on corrective actions.
- Open to exchange knowledge with other specialist
- Ready to challenge process for continuous improvement