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Communication / Community Management / Advertising

Are you interested by a career in communication, community management or advertising? Young graduates are often very attracted to these sectors which are more likely to recruit than might be expected. This is a dynamic sector which is constantly evolving with more jobs being created thanks to "Web 2.0".

Job description for Communication/Community Management/Advertising

Marketing Communication can come in many forms, including advertising, branding, marketing, promotion, publicity, public relations, sales and online marketing. These sectors are very closely linked and different qualifications and degrees can often lead to the same jobs. The main objectives of communication and advertising professionals is to communicate, promote and encourage loyalty from an audience or community for a specific brand or product. There are many different variations of communication including internal communication. The aim of those concerned in internal communication is to promote company activities etc. to other employees within the same company. External communication can involve other companies or the general public. External communication mainly involves promoting a specific product or brand with the aim of getting the brand/product known or increasing customer loyalty. Public Relations (PR) is a form of marketing communication whose aim is to gain exposure for clients by informing the public or future clients about certain products or services in way which does not involve direct payment. PR Professionals typically work within marketing firms and companies but also the government and NGOs. Missions mostly revolve around creating communication campaigns, press releases and other written content such as website and social media content, as well as organising interviews and speeches.

Community Managers are likely to work behind the scenes with Communication Managers in order to develop community promotion and communication strategies. Community Managers can also work with marketing and social media specialists in order to communicate information across the organization's digital channels. Community management can be defined as communication on the web, whose main objective is to animate social networks and the online community to encourage public participation, increase client loyalty and make a product, brand or company as attractive as possible.

What skills are needed to work in Communication/Community Management/Advertising?

What skills are needed if you wish to be a good "communicator", community manager or PR professional? An in-depth knowledge of media is indispensable. Excellent written communication skills are obviously required as the majority of this job will take place using written communication. As it is also possible that you will have to meet with clients or the general public, it is also important to have good communication and people skills. Creativity is very important, you could be asked to create and plan events, find ideas to engage clients and if you are more orientated towards advertising, your creative skills will be vital.

What qualifications are required for a career in communication, community management and advertising?

In order to become a communication officer a degree is required in public relations, journalism or a related field. Training courses can also improve your chances of finding a job in communication. Public relations specialists will also require a Bachelor's Degree in journalism, marketing or a related field. An internship in PR is preferred along with proof of leadership or communication on the behalf of your university or other organisations. Universities in the UK offering degrees in Media and Communication that will allow you access to a career in communication and/or advertising include:

  • University of Leicester
  • De Montford
  • Brunel University London
  • Bournemouth University
  • Southampton Solent University
  • The University of Hertfordshire
  • Birmingham City University
  • University of Leeds

Possible careers in communication and advertising are extremely varied and include: Communications Manager, Communications Specialist, Media Relations Manager, Online Publicist, Public Relations Manager, Web Content Manager, Web Content Editor, Community Manager, Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Online Marketing Manager, Media Buyer, Online Promotions Manager and many others.

Main Graduate Employers

Many companies in the UK offer job, internship, placement and graduate opportunities in PR and communications including: Accenture, Invesco, Baker & McKenzie, PepsiCo, Ketchum, Instant Impact and many others.


Salary may vary depending on experience and position within the company. A community manager working in London can expect to earn an average annual salary of approximately £29,718. The average annual salary for a communications manager is £37,500, but can be as high as £47,500. The average salary for a PR Manager is also £37,500, going up to £42,500 depending on experience. A social media marketer has an average annual salary of £32,500.

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