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Level Artist

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Job description

Established in 2008, Ubisoft Chengdu is one of the key game studios in western China and a full-fledged production center, with over 320 talents contributing to Ubisoft’s line-up. We have a strong track record of co-development on Ubisoft’s biggest brands such as Assassin’s Creed®, Skull and Bones™ and For Honor®, as well as developing casual games such as Rabbids party game and bringing hit titles to Switch.  

Meanwhile, we are also a pioneer in cutting-edge technology driving Ubisoft’s “games as a service (GAAS)” ethos. Chengdu’s technology team develops products that empower production teams to make educated, data-driven decisions on hit Ubisoft brands.

To find out more, please visit our website:  or our WeChat account (UBISOFT育碧or 育碧招聘), or contact us for application by:


同时,育碧成都工作室也是研发前沿性技术的领军者,其“Games As A Service  (GAAS)” 的理念带领企业不断推陈出新。成都工作室的技术团队开发的产品被运用于育碧旗下众多知名游戏品牌,有效协助研发团队基于科学数据做出准确决策。

想要了解更多,敬请点击 ,或关注我们的微信公众号(“UBISOFT育碧”以及“育碧招聘”),或联系邮箱以申请相应岗位


·  Responsible for the level creation in game engine.
·  Responsible for the level props organization, request and quality control.
·  Responsible for the level optimization, budget and frame rate.



·  Hard-core player, strong passion on game industry and AAA projects
·  2+ years relevant working experience
·  Good communication skills
·  Good team player
·  Strong willing to learn the new things and adapt quickly to the latest tech.
·  Good English in writing/reading.
·  At least 1 game engine experience (UED, Unity, Cry engine, etc.)
·  Good artistic skills and have better understanding on the art logic, composition, colour, rhythm.


·  Relevant working experience on AAA titles
·  Modeling experience on vegetation, organic rock and buildings
·  Experienced to work with LD, concept and TA
·  Good English in oral