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Intern Data Scientist

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Job description

Company Description

Established in 2008, Ubisoft Chengdu is one of the key game studios in western China and a full-fledged production center, with over 320 talents contributing to Ubisoft’s line-up. We have a strong track record of co-development on Ubisoft’s biggest brands such as Assassin’s Creed®, Skull and Bones™ and For Honor®, as well as developing casual games such as Rabbids party game and bringing hit titles to Switch.  

Meanwhile, we are also a pioneer in cutting-edge technology driving Ubisoft’s “games as a service (GAAS)” ethos. Chengdu’s technology team develops products that empower production teams to make educated, data-driven decisions on hit Ubisoft brands.

To find out more, please visit our website: or our WeChat account (UBISOFT育碧or 育碧招聘), or contact us for application by:


同时,育碧成都工作室也是研发前沿性技术的领军者,其“Games As A Service  (GAAS)” 的理念带领企业不断推陈出新。成都工作室的技术团队开发的产品被运用于育碧旗下众多知名游戏品牌,有效协助研发团队基于科学数据做出准确决策。

想要了解更多,敬请点击 ,或关注我们的微信公众号(“UBISOFT育碧”以及“育碧招聘”),或联系邮箱以申请相应岗位

Position Summary 
As part of Ubisoft China AI & Data Lab and under the supervision our senior data scientist, your role is to deliver state-of-the-art Machine Learning solutions to support both our players and business operations. You will work on world-class innovations that involve natural language processing (NLP) and will be directly contributing to the design and development of our projects.


1. Collaborate with other data scientists to research and implement intelligent services for our players using machine learning.
2. Prepare data, design and execute machine learning experiment to improve the performance of our solutions.
4. Collaborate with product managers and engineers to automate and deploy machine learning solutions to production.
3. Keep track of state-of-the-art applications and researches in machine learning, propose ideas to improve current solutions.




1. 与其它数据科学家共同合作,利用机器学习技术,为我们玩家研发智能服务
2. 准备数据,设计并执行机器学习实验,不断改进技术方案的性能
3. 与产品经理和工程师通力合作,将机器学习技术自动化,并部署到实际运用场景
4. 紧跟机器学习领域的前沿技术应用和研究,为改善现有技术方案提供新思路


1. Strong interest or previous experience in natural language processing (projects, publications, etc.)
2. Fluency in Chinese language is necessary.
3. Academic background in data science / computer science / mathematics is preferred.
4. Experience in applying machine learning and deep learning is preferred.
5. Familiar with Python, numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn or other scientific and data analysis modules is preferred.
6. Familiar with one of TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch or other frameworks is preferred. 
7. Excellent problem analysis skills, passionate about solving challenging problems. 
8. Excellent communication skills, teamwork awareness.



1. 对自然语言处理有浓厚的兴趣,或有相关经验 (包含但不仅限于参与过相关项目,论文发表等) 
2. 必须能流利使用中文;
3. 数据科学、计算机科学和数学等相关专业优先; 
4. 具备机器学习、深度学习的实战经验者优先;
5. 熟悉Python编程,掌握numpy、scipy、pandas、scikit-learn等科学计算及数据分析模块者优先;
6. 熟悉TensorFlow、Keras、PyTorch等框架之一者优先;
7. 良好的分析问题和解决问题的能力,对解决富有挑战性的问题充满激情; 
8. 良好的沟通能力、团队协合作意识;

Good to know
As we aim to build a team who continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible within game development (and because we love to learn and grow from the people around us), we might ask you to do a practical test as a part of the recruitment process. 

We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you.