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Data Strategist, EMEA M/F

  • Internship
  • Project / Product management

Job description

Ubisoft is committed to enriching players’ lives with original & memorable entertainment experiences. We build worlds that are a playground for the imagination, offering moments of surprise, fun and adventure as well as opportunities for learning and self-discovery.

At Ubisoft, you’ll grow and collaborate with highly talented teams from around the world. Our massively friendly work environment will inspire you to go above and beyond to create worlds people will fall in love with.

Challenged by surrounding business decisions and problematics around data treatment and usage, you will support automation and industrialization efforts as well as enforce operational application of the latest tools. Being close with sales and business teams, you will be able to fully understand their functional needs while passing their friction points on to project teams in EMEA. You will work closely with:

-          EMEA Financial Analysts , and especially with their “live” analysts to support data sharing while reinforcing the process of “zone flow” forecasting.

-          Live Analysts to contribute to their automation efforts and offer visibility on data that you would find beneficial for their analysis and forecasts and would help integrate.

-          Sales Analysts to support automation of data manipulation and sharing of “actuals” data among EMEA teams.

-          Data Scientists to follow their deliverables especially regarding Acquisition – Retention and Monetization and promote operational exploitation.

Working closely and understanding different functions such as data engineering, data sciences, data analysis and visualization as well as your organizational skills will give you all the keys to effectively represent EMEA among group projects, insure coherence transversally when deciding on priorities and take part on the definition of common needs. Your main missions will be to:

-          Support structuration efforts : you will follow the analysis done by multiple teams in EMEA and will determine whether they should be industrialized. Thanks to data engineers’ help, you will take part in data modelling within our team’s datalab to ease data transformation and integration.

-          Engage in analysis sharing : you well define and build with concerned teams Tableau reports to effectively share “point of truth” data among analysts. You will also detect and assess whether new reports should be created to answer the most frequently raised questions that are not yet addressed by Group Reporting. Those dashboards will ease communications between teams and serve as Proof of Concept for project teams. Collaborating with Business Intelligence teams, you will take part in the design, automation and sharing of new analytical and broadly shared reports.

Closely follow Ubisoft data-related projects : being an expert of the main axes of the data structure at Ubisoft and their sources, you will act as EMEA representative among operational committees for each project. As such, you will also determine and follow the priorities with the different stakeholders as well as insure their visibility among EMEA HQ. You will therefore support unification and efforts pooling within multiple IT initiatives.

The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree in engineering and/ or business and will have 2-5 years of experience in analytics (Financial Planning, Sales or Data) working in an international environment.

You are appreciated for your analysis skills, your rigor and your time-management. You also have a strong knowledge of sql and enjoy working on data visualization. You show excellent interpersonal skills, are curious and pro-active.

This position is based in Montreuil Sous Bois (Métro Porte de Montreuil - line 9, or St Mandé - line 1).