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Research Geophysicist

  • Tarland ( Aberdeenshire )
  • Marketing

Job description

Job Description

Reporting into the Head of Geophysical Research, the Research Geophysicist is responsible for conducting innovative research and producing results in written form within timescales set and to an appropriate standard. Presenting approved results at international academic and professional meetings and in the associated technical journals in order to enhance the company reputation. Ensuring Intellectual Property protection and confidentiality associated to the R&D work performed by the GRC. Contribute to promote use of technologies developed by the team within Company perimeter. Initiating learning opportunities to facilitate the development of skills and knowledge.

If interested, please apply directly below before the 5th September 2019

· Conduct research into one or more of the advanced geophysics projects (coding algorithms and testing them on synthetic and real data) in accordance with the defined work plan as independent stand alone professional under the authority of the Head of section
· Develop a sound understanding of best technical practice and apply this routinely.
· Develop and enhance contacts with Company staff in France and elsewhere, for the execution of projects.
· Develop, maintain and enhance professional and academic contacts outside the Company.
· Maintain awareness of new developments in the field of projects undertaken.
· Monitor technical aspects of contracted research that fall within speciality.
· Propose and initiate studies / analyses to resolve technical issues.
· Publish and report research results internally and externally both in written form in technical reports and professional journals and as presentations at internal and external professional and academic conferences and seminars.
· Produce all work to high quality and on time whilst accepting individual responsibility for their activities.
· Contribute actively to the exchange of ideas and knowledge within a research multi-disciplinary environment.
· Develop techniques and/or software code that can be patented.
· Provide mentorship, guidance and support to intern students undertaking independent research projects as part of post-graduate degree courses.
· As research project leader, initiate and provide technical justification, scope and support for research conducted externally at research institutions or universities.
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United Kingdom
Candidate profile

MSc with strong experience or preferably PhD in geophysics (geosciences) with moderate experience
· Knowledge and expertise in areas relevant to our research requirements such as upstream and reservoir geophysics, elastic wave propagation, seismic depth imaging, full waveform inversion and industrial seismic inversion techniques.
· Skilled demonstrated proficiency in computer programming with modern Fortran (90/2008), C/C++ or Java and Matlab, Python.
· Demonstrated knowledge and proven skills in: advanced numerical methods and optimization, seismic inverse theory, and HPC parallel computing with Unix/Linux operating systems.
· Good knowledge and experience in time-lapse (4D) seismic, multi-component seismic, geostatistics and reservoir modelling/simulation
· Presentation and report-writing skills
· High-level Communication skills
· Ability to understand all the elements of a multi- disciplinary geoscience and technology team

General Operations Responsab
Job Title

Research Geophysicist- GRC

Exploration and Production
Region, department, area

Functional discipline

Experience level required

0 - 3 years, 3 - 6 years
Employment type

Regular position
Affiliate (if known)

Context and environment

There are significant worldwide growth opportunities for the Company, which are more and more technically and commercially challenging. The Company needs a first class Research function to ensure that it remains at the forefront of emerging technology, pursues opportunities on the basis of sound economic, technical and risk evaluations and is increasingly recognised as a ‘Partner of Choice’ by Governments, National Oil Cos and other Operating Oil Cos.
The Confirmed Research Geophysicist has an important role to play in the development of new geophysical techniques within the Company.