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Director of Sales & Marketing

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Job description

§ 利用所有销售和营销沟通方式来管理所有酒店与外界的品牌联系,加强和维持酒店企划书中所制定的品牌定位和概念

To manage all hotel brand contacts including all sales and marketing communications, to enforce and maintain the hotel’s brand positioning and concept outlined in the hotel’s Annual Business Plan.

§ 准备、使用和更新年度营销计划,有需要时根据分支和部门来委派指定代表

To prepare, utilise and update an Annual Marketing Plan, delegated as necessary by division and/or department.

§ 监管所有销售策略、战略和执行,应与销售锦囊所述一致,以组织有纪律的强力销售队伍达到销售目标

To oversee all sales strategy, tactic, and action implementations, complying with the Smart Selling approach, in order to create a strong and disciplined Sales Team who achieve their sales goals.

§ 执行策略型营销过程,优化使用可收集到的营销数据,包括Cognos, Marketing Portal, Competitive Intelligence, Envision/Fidelio等系统,来做出理智决策

To implement the strategic marketing process, maximising the available marketing data including hotel Cognos, Marketing Portal, Competitive Intelligence, and Envision/Fidelio catering system in order to make sound decisions.

§ 长期检测和评估本地、国内和国际市场趋势,酒店和餐厅竞争者的走向,以确保本酒店的营销和运营总是处在具有竞争力的前沿

To constantly monitor and evaluate local, national and international market trends, and the competitor hotels’ and restaurants’ initiatives, in order to make sure the hotel’s marketing and operations remain competitive and cutting edge.

§ 管理整合营销策略,包括酒店广告、促销、文件资料和电子营销,以确保它们的整合性、有效性,来保证合理的投入产出比、支出小于预算、并要与凯悦国际的品牌标准、政策和程序一致。

To manage integrated marketing communications, including hotel advertising, promotions, collateral, and e-marketing, making sure that they are targeted, effective in producing a reasonable ROI, within budget, and comply with HI’s brand standards, policies and procedures.

§ 监管行销企划、电子营销和公共关系活动,以支持年度营销计划中目标的达成

To oversee marketing communications, e-marketing, and public relations activities to support the objectives outlined in the Annual Marketing Plan.

§ 管理周度收益会议和月度策略会议,以发展和调整营销策略、短期定价和渠道策略

To manage weekly yield meetings and monthly strategic meetings to develop and adjust marketing strategies and short term pricing and channel tactics.

§ 知晓能影响酒店财务业绩的社区、业界、政界和社会因素

To be aware of community, business, political and social factors that may affect the hotel’s financial performance.

§ 阅读营销策略经理/营销分析师编辑的报告和分析,和本部门和相关部门负责人讨论未来的策略、机会和威胁。

To review the reports and analysis compiled by the Marketing Manager - Strategy / Marketing Analyst, and discuss strategies, opportunities and threats within the division, and with the relevant Heads of Department.

§ 确保高端技术和商业情报的使用,并且保证数据是完整有序的

To ensure the best use is made of technology and business intelligence tools, and that data is clean.

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