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Commis - Seafood House/Dining Room

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Job description

· 组织干货及蔬菜的储存。

Organises the storage of dry goods and vegetables.

· 一贯向客人提供高品质并展现餐厅理念的食物。

Prepares food that is consistent in quality, and reflects the style of the outlet concept.

· 严格执行食品分摊政策以控制成本。

Strictly adheres to the food apportionment policy to control costs.

· 严格遵照食品准备及烹饪的方法、食物的分量规格及食物的装饰要求,确保食物按照规定标准准备。

Strictly adheres to the methods of food preparation and cooking, sizes of portions, and garnishing of foods to ensure food is prepared in prescribed manner.

· 保持厨房的干净整洁并严格遵守酒店的卫生标准。

Maintains the cleanliness of the kitchen and strictly adheres to the Hotel Hygiene policy.

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