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CSE - Contact Centre (Excellent to Fluent English is a must & at least 0 to 2 years experience in CSR )

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Job description

Role Purpose

Receives general inbound customer calls in a contact centre environment typically on a single product and or proposition. Provides high quality service to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by resolving the customer query at first contact where possible. Listens to the customer and establishes needs to offer relevant products. Takes ownership and initiative to complete necessary research and customer follow up or direct the customer to the appropriate department for resolution. Responsible for achieving individual targets and /or sales goals whilst maintaining quality and compliance.

Principal Accountabilities: Key activities and decision making areas

Typical Targets and Measures

Impact on the Business

· Answers (or makes) phone calls from our HSBC customers in a polite and friendly way, instilling customer confidence and resolving customer's issues at first contact where possible.
· Delivers what is promised in line with customer expectations
· Offers value added products and services based on customer needs analysis and ensures customer understanding of those products

· Individual service, quality and sales targets through proactively introducing customers to new and value adding products and services that meets their needs
· Targets on efficiency, quality and effectiveness
· Adherence to documented policies an procedures

Customers / Stakeholders

· Provides excellent customer service to basic inbound customer calls by keeping up to date on training and internal communications
· Generating customer loyalty through strong knowledge of key products and services
· Owns and resolves issues and understands how and when to escalate

· Quality monitoring scores
· Direct customer feedback via complaints, compliments and customer satisfaction surveys
· Completion of required training and accreditations
· Number of calls that lead to offering value added products and services through conversations with customers, incorporating needs analysis, building rapport, and overcoming objections

Leadership & Teamwork

· Acts as a role morel for our Group Values and Behaviours (Open, Connected, Dependable), supporting colleagues and customers to deliver superior customer service through these values
· Values diversity amongst team

· Contribution to team events and team meetings, and suggestions put forward for improvements or efficiency gains
· Completion of other team related duties as appropriate
· Displays patience and empathy

Operational Effectiveness & Control

· Knowledge of Group compliance, Operational Risk and SOX (Sarbanes- Oxley Requirements) for RBWM Centres
· Maintains HSBC internal control standards
· Awareness of all elements of Operational Risk associated with the role in compliance to SOX for contact centres

· Completion of technical training that enhances system knowledge and proficiency
· Regular attendance at learning sessions and team meetings
· Adherence to clear desk and other internal policies
· Timely completion of mandatory compliance, risk and regulatory learning modules

Major Challenges (The challenges inherent in the role that require a continual test of the role holder's abilities)

· Changing performance parameters (e.g. Scorecard changes)

· Understanding updates on procedural changes and compliance

· Achieving customer excellence in every contact

Role Context (The environment and operating conditions of the role including the extent of guidance and authority)

· The role operates within a RBWM Contact Centre and interacts with HSBC local and international customers, the post holder must have the ability to deal with different process, different countries, where applicable, and different customer attitudes and requests on a daily basis.

Management of Risk

Maintain awareness of operational risk and minimize the likelihood of it occurring including its identification, assessment, mitigation and control, loss identification and reporting in accordance with section 4 of the Group Operations FIM.

Observation of Internal Controls

Maintain and observe HSBC internal control standards, including the timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators (see HR FIM section 3.7 and GCL 050044 on Sarbanes Oxley and Internal Controls. Implement and observe Group Compliance Policy, including the timely implementation of recommendations made by internal/external regulators. To implement the Group Compliance Policy as applicable to your role in conjunction with the relevant laws, rules and codes with which the business has to comply within the country you reside and in relation to the countries migrating work to assigned GSC.

To continually re-access the operational risks inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures, management restructures and the impact of new technology in conjunction with the donor Group companies.

Role Dimensions (e.g. balance sheet size, lending/expenditure limits, size/volume of transactions, budget. in USD'000 )

· The role is not authorized for any approvals outside of system allotted entitlements

Ideal candidate profile

Qualifications :

Knowledge & Experience / Qualifications ( For the role – not the role holder. Minimum requirements of the role.)

- Excellent to Fluent English is a must & at least 0 to 2 years experience in CSR

A. Secondary School B. University (BA) or (BSc) C. Post Graduate (Masters)

A. Two years or less B. Two to five years C. Five to ten years D. Over ten years

· Must have education standard to at least high school diploma and be of a legal working age

· Must be proficient language(s) required by the process

· Open to working flexible shifting schedules

· Must be flexible, customer centric and have the ability to thrive in a team environment seeking feedback and open to development

· Takes pride in delivering what is promised in line with the customer and service expectations

· Wants to do a good job,is concerned about getting it right for the customer and checks everything is in order

· Ability to work in a high-volume, fast paced environment is required

· Proficiency with personal computers and basic software packages and specialised applications

· Excellent communication skills and is polite and friendly at all times

· Displays patience and empathy