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Connected Services Customer Performance Specialist (SMP) M/F

  • Bucuresti (Municipiul Bucureşti)
  • IT development

Job description

• Contribute to customer satisfaction by characterizing customer expectations and usage, and in particular by participating in the development and capitalization of the customer requirements of connected services:

  •   Know the positioning of Renault in relation to the competition and establish the customer requirements targets
  •   Define state of services in relation to customer satisfaction
  •   Define the customers functional requirements about of connected services
  •   Continuously improve the standards and tools necessary for the deployment of the service

    • Contribute to the robustness of the vehicle for customer use by ensuring the deployment of the service on innovation projects and by supporting support in the deployment of the service on projects:

  •   Animation of the service validation plan of his profession
  •   Monitoring of vehicles' compliance with the service specifications and proposal of ways to improve customer requirements in case of deviation

    Managerial Missions:

    • Cross-functional management: animation of a network of métier/project players on connected services





    The Connected Services Customer Performance Specialist is mainly in charge of the Connected Services definition (Remote, Smart sharing, P&C, V2x, ...) link with the connected car (CCS=Connected Car Services).

    He will be part of a team with other Customer Performance Specialists (SMP) and Customer Performance Pilots (PPC) around connected services.

    Main deliverables:

    • Specifications for Functional Customer requirements (CdC Level 4/5)

    • Generic service validation plan (based on the Level 5 CdC)

    • Customer complaint analysis file

    • Capitalization in order to strengthen the functional requirements of connected services
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