Expires soon Accor

Assistant Engineering Manager

  • Mandalay (Mandalay District)
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

Key tasks

Overview of duties
'• Behaves and acts (as a manager) in an exemplary fashion, embodying the brand mindset
• Is responsible for the smooth running of all the hotel's technical processes and installations
• Coordinates and manages the regulatory procedures and follow-up processes (safety of people and property, quality, guests' comfort)
• Tracks and optimises energy consumption, implements and follows up the Preventive Maintenance Programme
• Helps employees improve their skills and provides support for career development
• Manages, motivates and organises his/her teams '
Main responsibilities
Customer relations
'• Is service minded
• Ensures optimal availability for guests of hotel areas and services (rooms, lounges, restaurant, kitchen etc)'
Professional techniques / Production
'• Makes sure that fire security installations are in good working order
• Runs regular checks on technical equipment to prevent any problems
• Implements corrective action plans
• Manages energy costs efficiently
• Prepares and tracks the action plans instigated by the Safety Commission and audit authorities
• Trains personnel on the hotel's safety regulations and procedures
• Tracks and treats any recurrent technical problems in the hotel
• Applies water hygiene procedures
• Advises the General Manager when specialist intervention is required '
Team management and cross-departmental responsibilities
'• Evolves working methods in line with brand philosophy
• Develops team spirit and motivation by creating a good working atmosphere
• Has a global view of all the hotel's technical needs
• Organises and checks employees' work
• Ensures that the team provides a high standard of service
• Identifies the training needs for technicians and prepares appropriate training plans
• Works in collaboration with the other departments'
Commercial / Sales
• Negotiates contracts with sub-contractors and monitors the services provided by referenced suppliers
Management and administration
'• Follows up investment and maintenance budgets (contracts, purchasing etc)
• Handles relations with sub-contractors
• Optimises energy consumption, implementing corrective action plans
• Is involved in scheduling investments and supervising renovation work'
Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment
'• Respects Accor's Legionnaires' disease directive
• Organises and follows up security and fire prevention training for all hotel staff
• Keeps the hotel security register up-to-date
• Ensures respect of the Accor environment charter
• Ensures respect of the sustainable development policy'