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About Veolia

Veolia aims to be  the benchmark company for ecological transformation . Our mission to “ Resource the world ” demonstrates the unwavering commitment of our 220,000 employees to creating a positive impact for our planet.

By joining Veolia Water Technologies, not only will you become a Resourcer, but you will also take part in providing complete solutions for water treatment. By innovating in key areas such as sustainable development, resource and product recovery, we want to offer water related solutions suited for every application.  

At Veolia Water Technologies, Saudi Arabia , we are committed to empowering our employees, to make their own decisions and to make a real difference.

Become a player in ecological transformation by joining us!

Job Description

Facility Engineer is responsible for overseeing and improving the functionality, safety, and efficiency of a building or any other premises. Their duties include managing building maintenance, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, and coordinating system repairs and updates. They also play a crucial role in planning and executing facility renovations or expansions.

Main tasks and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

·  Preventive Maintenance Program and Aging of Infrastructure: Managing the maintenance and modernization of ageing facilities to ensure their continued functionality, safety, and compliance so it is linked with legal & other requirements 
·  Energy Management & Sustainability : Optimize the building’s energy efficiency and environmental impact
·  Electricity/Water/Fuel Consumption + Objectives & KPIs to measure and Monitor
·  Electrical Inspections for all facilities: Plugs, Blueprints, Panels, switches and any electrical equipment.
·  Major Equipment Third party Periodic Inspection: coordinate and oversee the inspection process to ensure the proper maintenance and safe operation of the building's major equipment systems.
·  Quality of work Inspection: overseeing the quality of work performed by contractors and vendors to ensure it meets the required standards and specifications.
·  Subcontractor Evaluation: Shortlist of subcontractors + Pre & Post evaluation based on work category (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, general...)
·  Waste Management: Detailed Overall Waste Management Plan for all facilities + recycling + Disposal Method of Hazardous and General Waste by third parties 
·  Inventory of PPE and Equipment: Full and dynamic list of PPE and inventory details of Equipment 
·  Equipment/Tools Calibration: All equipment available in factories/warehouses... Calibration Frequencies and schedules 
·  Global Reporting, Follow up and action plans: KPIs about water, energy and wastewater
·  Crisis Management & Emergency Preparedness: Facilities Crisis Events and Action Plan 
·  Regular Safety Issues


·  Bachelor Degree in engineering
·  5 - 8 years Experiance.
·  English is a must

Additional Information

QHSE Commitments:  

·   Implementing the QHSE policies and ISO Procedures.
·  Follow the always safe rules and coach your colleagues on the same
·  Follow the road traffic rules while driving to and from home to work (fasten seat belt, maintain speed limits, never use mobile / eat/drink/smoke while driving, drive in a fit condition).
·  Being responsible towards Veolia’s specific sustainable development commitments.
·  Ensure to read the safety moments / Alerts / other information shared by the HSE Team.
·  Before visiting any site, factory, and/or warehouse, make sure to inform the safety team to get the right induction and prepare LMRA and the needed PPE.
·  Always maintain office safety such as keeping your files/papers in the correct place, keeping the drawers closed after use, arranging the electrical cables secured to avoid slips & trips, reporting any lost connections or damaged electrical components, and ensuring your office is clean and tidy
·  Report to HR/HSE if you are facing stress, fatigue, any form of harassment, or bullying at the workplace.

Veolia Code of Conduct

·   Comply with applicable ethics and legislation referred to in Veolia Code of Conduct policy, particularly in the fight against corruption and influence peddling.

As an inclusive company, Veolia is committed to diversity and gives equal consideration to all applications, without discrimination.

Make every future a success.
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