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Environmental Engineer – Corlu Factory

  • Turvey (Bedfordshire)
  • Sales

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Job description


Provides expertise to Supply Chain colleagues regarding key sustainability priorities and opportunities, aligning closely to the key targets and objectives of the USLP, to drive continuous improvement in Supply Chain performance in all areas of sustainability – such as reducing water consumption, energy and waste.

Job Summary

· Documentation and making necessary revisions on ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
· Follow up of legal requirements, summarise and adopt to new legislation
· To make any kind of legal and regulatory reporting requirements within the organisation
· Operating Waste water treatment system
· Establish and maintain environmental stakeholder relationships
· Apply knowledge and understanding of environmental legislation and both Turkish and International standards/regulations
· Preparing, reviewing and updating environmental investigation and recommendation reports
· Ensure all activities are in line with WCM practices, food safety and work place safety requirements
· Complete all environmental risk analyses and implement proper actions.
· Create legal reports for Ministry of Environment related with waste& energy.
· Complete energy usage declaration annually.
· Follow proper waste reduction methodology and implement activities on site.
· Get legal permits for environmental regulations like waste certification and WWD approval.