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3D Graphics Engineer / Rendering Programmer/ Graphics Programmer

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Job description

Ubisoft is one of the leaders in entertainment, with a rich portfolio of well-known brands worldwide. In Ukraine Ubisoft has two studios, Ubisoft Kiev and Ubisoft Odesa, which focus on strengthening Ubisoft's presence on all platforms, with the main expertize in PC. Ubisoft Kiev was established in 2008 and is one of the biggest GameDev studios in Ukraine that collaborated on blockbusters like Assassin's Creed®, Far Cry®, Steep®, Watch Dogs®, Trials®, Rainbow Six®, Ghost Recon ® and more. Ubisoft Odesa was opened in March 2018 and takes part in the development of Ubisoft’s world-known franchises.

We are looking for Render C++ Engineers with very good knowledge of video game programming (DirectX, Win API, game engines).


·  Design, implement, upgrade and maintain run-time rendering and graphics pipeline code for our games
·  Own, upgrade and maintain our rendering tools, pipeline and related code in our proprietary game engine
·  Write clear, maintainable, portable, C++ code
·  Profile game performance to assess and find rendering bottlenecks and improve overall performance
·  Work together with other international Ubisoft studios


·  Experience with OpenGL and/or DirectX API
·  Knowledge of basic rendering algorithms
·  Advanced level C++ and OOP;
·  Capacity to learn and work with someone’s code;
·  Intermediate level of English
·  2 years of work in OpenGL and/or DirectX API and Rendering algorithms;
·  Advanced level of OOD;
·  Pet projects;
·  Advanced level of mathematics;
·  High level of self-management;
·  Experience with various game engines.


·  Previous experience in PC or next-gen development;
·  Cross-platform experience;
·  Experience using game development frameworks and middleware.

What we offer:

·  International AAA game projects;
·  Access to cutting-edge hardware;
·  Experience using hottest internally developed game engines;
·  Proficient and fun-to-work-with colleagues;
·  Opportunity to travel abroad to meet your colleagues from other studios or to participate in international conferences;
·  Medical / Life insurance;
·  English / French courses.

If you want to see your name in credits of Ubisoft’s PC game. Excited by the idea of communicating with IT professionals from all over the world. Passionate about technology and video games.

Ubisoft Kiev has an opportunity for you!

Join Ubisoft Kiev Studio and become “Serious about fun” together with us!