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1st Class Analyzer Technician

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Job description

Job Description

·  Install, maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot, repair, and adjust refinery/petrochemical critical analyzers, gas chromatography, infrared and ultraviolet detection technology, emissions monitoring, oxygen measurement, gasoline vapor pressure measurements, and environmentally required analyzers, CEMS, flares, water discharge, etc.
·  Provide documentation on and/or assist in the writing of preventive maintenance procedures, review and re-write if necessary procedures; i.e. startup/shutdown and safe work procedures.
·  Produce reports, project documentation modification and work with operators, vendors/contractors on repairs and maintenance of equipment.
·  Perform troubleshooting and program changes of analyzer control software
·  Perform analyzer system modifications and overhauls
·  Perform analyzer pipefitting and tube blending work
·  Follow safe work practices, company policies and procedures
·  Prepare reports and project documentation; perform record keeping
·  Required to work overtime, work weekends, and work Holidays on a rotating schedule.
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Candidate profile

·  High School Diploma with 5+ years experience in the petrochemical field as an Instrument or Analyzer Technician; OR a two year Instrument Technician Degree, or equivalent education, with 2 years relevant analyzer technician experience.
·  Strong troubleshooting skills
·  Cooperative and works well with others
·  High aptitude of operations of electronic equipment
·  Must be computer literate
·  Must be able to use and follow research material and equipment required to perform job assignments
·  Must be able to read and interpret P&ID’s, Isometrics, and Electrical Drawings
·  Experience in the following:
·  Sulfur Analyzers, ADA, CEMS Analyzers, BTU Analyzers, RVP Analyzers, and TOC Analyzers
·  Siemens Gas Chromatographs
·  Understanding of refinery process
·  Experience using Microsoft Office Products®, SAP, LIMS®, M-Pro® and EZChrom® Software

Job Title

1st Class Analyzer Technician

Refining & Chemicals
Functional discipline

Maintenance / Inspection / Technology
Experience level required

0 - 3 years, 3 - 6 years
Employment type

Regular position