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Todott is a new ambitious 'things to do' and 'where to eat' platform, focused on London with an action plan of becoming a major tech company in the near future.

London is an extremely weird place, with so much character and plenty to offer. However, much of the current focus is directed towards the usual tourist spots, mostly in Central London. What we want to offer is an alternative that highlights the awesome goings on your doorstep, or neighbouring town, as well as the well-documented spots in London.

If you’re interested in building you career as a writer, then we want to hear from you.

The successful applicant will have a strong and dedicated work ethic with an interest in London and the goings on. We would work with you on potential article concept ideas, and fully encourage article concepts you come up with to fully flex your creative writing skills, which you will be always credited with.

There’ll also be further opportunities as the company grows further. As well as opportunities to attend the coolest events and sampling the tastiest food London has to offer.

Please apply to Todott at hello(at)todott.com with a CV and appropriate cover letter, with examples of past work and two content ideas