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Business Auditor Graduate – Analyst (ACA Programme)

Job description


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Description of the Business Line or Department - Summary of the business, coverage, services

Inspection of Group Audit Division (IGAD) is responsible for Internal Audit activity for the Societe General Group. IGAD carries out independent reviews of operational entities to assess, in an objective, thorough and impartial manner, the compliance of the Group's operations, the level of risk actually incurred, the enforcement of procedures and the effectiveness and relevance of the corresponding permanent control set up.
IGAD issues recommendations in order to better manage risks and increase the efficiency of the Group's activity. The Audit teams cover all the risks of the jurisdictions they are in charge of. General Inspection, besides audit work, develops strategic views and may conduct consulting assignments for all sectors and activities of the Group. In order to achieve their missions, both the audit and Inspection departments work together to an annual risk assessment and intervention plan. Once the assignments have been performed, the teams have to follow up on the correct implementation of the corrective actions implemented by the auditees.
Audit teams carry out audit assignments aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of the internal control system, specifically:
·  monitoring the application of internal or external procedures and regulations;
·  assessing the security of the processing;
·  the quality of accounting and financial data; and
·  the alignment of IT systems with the needs of the entity.
Société Générale's Accountancy Professional Graduate Program ( ACA) offers a varied and well-rounded experience across the UK Internal Audit function. The Graduate will develop their knowledge of the organisation and of the various services Internal Audit can offer. Candidates selected for this program will have the opportunity to rotate between different roles within department whilst being supported in their studies for an ACA accounting qualification, resulting in individuals who are prepared and ready to grow their career with Société Générale .

Summary of the key purposes of the role - Summary of the key objectives and primary goals (minimum 3)

·  As a Business Auditor you will be required to:
·  Complete assigned audit work under the supervision of a Head of Assignment.
·  Perform other audit related tasks assigned by audit management.
·  Perform follows on recommendations under the supervision of Heads of Assignment.

Summary of responsibilities - Minimum of 6 responsibilities to be identified

Tasks related to Audit assignments and team organisation (75% or more of available time) :

·  Execution of audit work on business audits in the locations covered by the UK regional team.
·  Participation in Audit Diagnostic work under the supervision of Heads of Assignment.
·  Audit testing in accordance with test plans assigned by Heads of Assignment.
·  Document audit issues and all work papers in standard departmental formats and perform operational debriefs to auditees in conjunction with the Head of Assignment.
·  Follow up outstanding audit recommendations until implementation.
·  Support Inspection assignments, under the instruction and guidance of the assigned Inspector, if required.

Tasks related to the Accountancy Professional Apprenticeship and ACA Training (25% or less of available time):

·  Responsibility for complying with the terms of your Accountancy Professional Apprenticeship and ICAEW training agreement and maintaining a training log in accordance with ICAEW requirements. Plus keeping the Qualified Person Responsible for Training (QPRT) updated on at least a quarterly basis with regard to study, work experience, time off to attend tuition courses and exam status.

·  Responsibility for ensuring that you are fully aware of and adhere to internal policies that relate to you, your business or other businesses for which you have any level of responsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with operational risk or compliance requirements (e.g. security policies and regulatory requirements).

·  Responsibility for reading, understanding and complying with the Company's Conduct and Standards and corresponding regulations. You will be notified of changes to policies in a timely manner through announcements and/or intranet updates.

·  Act with integrity and due skill, care and diligence in carrying out your duties. Your actions should always be able to satisfy high standards of scrutiny and professional practice standards defined by the IIA.

·  You are expected to comply with the requirements of the IGAD Handbook, IGAD UK Local policies and procedures and International Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Standards.

·  All audit staff are required to sign the IIA Declaration of Professional standards and Code of Ethics on an annual basis. You sign to agree conformance to the following rules of conduct:

·  Shall perform your work with honesty, diligence, and responsibility.
·  Shall observe the law and make disclosures expected by the law and the profession.
·  Shall not knowingly be a party to any illegal activity, or engage in acts that are discreditable to the profession of internal auditing or to the organization.
·  Shall respect and contribute to the legitimate and ethical objectives of the organization.

·  Shall not participate in any activity or relationship that may impair or be presumed to impair their unbiased assessment. This participation includes those activities or relationships that may be in conflict with the interests of the organization.
·  Shall not accept anything that may impair or be presumed to impair your professional judgment.
·  Shall disclose all material facts known to you that, if not disclosed, may distort the reporting of activities under review.

·  Shall be prudent in the use and protection of information acquired in the course of your duties.
·  Shall not use information for any personal gain or in any manner that would be contrary to the law or detrimental to the legitimate and ethical objectives of the organization.

·  Flexibility to travel abroad on occasion if required.


If you feel you have the required experience and qualifications, then please apply to the SG Resourcing Team, and we will manage your application. At Societe Generale, we believe our people are our strength and are core to the success of our business. As such, we search for, recruit and appoint the best available person on the basis of aptitude and ability, regardless of sex, marital or civil partnership status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, pregnancy, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief or gender reassignment.

Seeked profile


Competencies - Define a minimum of 10 skills and technical knowledge that are essential for the Job holder to have

·  Communication and negotiation skills
·  Ability to synthesize and report accurately
·  Common Sense
·  Problem solving skills
·  Willingness to travel as and when required for this role





Management Skills



Operational Skills



Regulatory Skills



Communication Skills



Flexibility - Adaptability



Ability to make decisions



Ability to work under pressure



Analytical skills






Leadership Qualities




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