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Field Service Technician/Engineer (Solar)


Job description

Job Description



( Why the position exists )

Perform on-site maintenance, technical analysis, repair, commissioning, testing of Medium voltage and Low voltage Schneider Electric or other 3 rd party Solar Products.

(What is the expected contributions of the position to the results of the organization)

1. Represent Schneider Electric or other 3 rd party Solar service excellence to customers in Japan

2. Provide after sales support to the Schneider Electric or other 3 rd party Medium Voltage Solar products (Transformers, RMU and Switchgear) and low voltage solar products (Inverters, array boxes, SCADA).

3. Ensure that all service work in delivered efficiently, effectively and safely.

4. Attend to critical issues at key sites and manage customer relationships



· Trainings / certificate with any major Solar inverter/ transformer/ OEM

· Electrical Trade qualification

· Medium Voltage Field Service Engineer training (Transformers, RMU and Switchgear)

· Current electricians or contractors license essential for at least 4 states (QLD, NSW, ACT, SA)

· Electrical testing or servicing experience

Job Related Experience:

· Previous product service experience as FSE with ABB/ SMA/ Delta/ Siemens is essential in commissioning & troubleshooting

Business Understanding:

· Service business excellence knowledge highly desirable

Others (e.g. language skills, technical skills) :

Cross-cultural skill requirements:

- Friendly, Culturally open to South East Asia’s cultures

- Willing to work very closely, hands to hands, with South East Asians and center European counterparts

Travel requirements:

- Require stationing near key sites if stated/assigned by Service Contract

- Frequent local travel and interstate travel.

- Flexible approach to working hours and days

- Current Driver’s License

COMPETENCY Level – 1: Novice; 2 – Basic; 3 – Competent; 4 – Advanced; 5 - Expert

(Please refer to the competency profile list under He@rt or People Soft for the core competencies and proficiency level required for the position.)

Leadership Competency

Functional Competency

Cross Functional Competency

Focus on Customer


Medium Voltage Equipment Operation and Maintenance


Effective Report Writing


Problem solving attitude


Low voltage Equipment Operation and Maintenance


Contract management


Cross cultural empathy


Installed Base Tracking


Project Management


Respect and discipline


Customer System Testing & Audit


Cross cultural meeting management


Focus on Service Contract


Execution Management


Cross-functional communication


Schedule/Forecast & Resource Management


Services Safety Management


Codes and Standards


Customer Knowledge


Quote Management


Offer & Application Management



(Describe the nature, scope, level of improvements to new ideas, etc.)


*(Full, Partial, Supportive)


(Quantitative or quality criteria to achieve responsibility)

Service Technician

I. Expert-level Maintenance and repair of LV/MV Inverters, RMU, transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers and protection systems

II. Expert-level Installation, testing and commissioning of LV/MV equipment, including the programming testing and commissioning of protection relays

III. Expert Support requests for warranty inspections and rectification

IV. Workshop testing of LV/MV equipment.

V. Workshop repair of failed or damaged components

VI. Field repair of failed or damaged components

VII. Investigate, inspect, test and report on RMA’s

VIII. Writing technical reports on serviced equipment.

IX. Ensure accurate and timely reporting

X. Ensure equipment & tools are functional, calibrated and available for services delivery.

XI. Identification and reporting of new business on site

XII. Continual learning and development


Call back rate and rectification

Job Margin analysis

Training completed

Time sheet and expenses completed on time.

Relationship Management
Maintains and encourages appropriate communications and cooperation:

· within Power business
· within Leadership team
· with customers especially with Service Contract
· with our entities within =SE= divisions and entities


Feedback from internal and external customers

Customer Management

I. Respond to customer requests in a timely manner

II. Maintain a professional relationship

III. Develop and maintain business and client relationships

IV. Manage customer expectations both internally and externally

V. Determine client requirements

VI. Develops a cultures of excellent customer service attitude within the team

VII. Service inquiries identified per month


Feedback from customers

- Net Promotor Survey (NPS)

- Quarterly Customer Satisfaction Survey (QCSS)

Service inquiries presented per month

Health, Safety and the Environment

I. Understands and implements company HSE policies.

II. Complies with company and customer HSE standards and policies.

III. Manages individual priorities and deliverables within the HSE context.

IV. Actively encourages a safety and environmentally conscious workplace.

V. Strives to find new ways of improving the work environment

VI. Takes a personal interest (or 'actively owns') HSE issues and activities within your area of responsibility - lead by example.

VII. Actively encourages positive HSE options within your workgroup


Complies with company standards

HSE company statistics meet targets


I. Ensures that all activities conform with relevant government regulations, company policies, standard and ethics

II. Identifies opportunities for improvement of work practices and processes


Complies with legal and ethical standards

*Full : Fully responsible for the results of the work

Partial : Partially responsible for the results of the work

Supportive : Provide support to the person accountable for the results of the work.

Make every future a success.
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