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Business Analyst

  • Milton Keynes ( Buckinghamshire )
  • IT development

Job description

Your Responsibility:

Responsible for working with the business to fully understand how the process works today and to define how they want it to operate in the future.

They convert that information into a series of requirements (governing both how it functionally operates and how it performs).

They utilise this knowledge to help others form the architecture and data required to support the new process and to help prepare the business for the changes that are going to be released

Key areas of responsibility include:

Process stapling/mapping/design - Fully understand how the process works today and succinctly and clearly to be able to portray that on a process map. An ability to create process designs that reflect customer needs and process improvement

Process analysis - Review process designs, identify the weakness in them and to determine the optimal means of fulfilling the desired result

Requirement definition - Succinctly and clearly translate conceptual requirements into a detailed series of requirements that can be both developed and tested. Ensure that requirements reflect the needs of customers

Risk analysis - Review process designs and identify those areas that are likely to cause problems both in development and in the future operation. This should include an assessment and risk analysis against the ISO requirements around security

Project Management - An ability to manage projects on small/low complexity initiatives. (Less than 1 day per week PM activities per week).

About You:

Facilitation -Manage conversations with multiple stakeholders and to drive conflicting views to a decisive and agreed way forward

Communicating Details and Concepts - Explain complex tools, technologies and concepts to audiences that are not IT or change literate

Active listening - Can receive information in an unstructured manner but still translate it into meaningful messages. An ability to glean the ideas and concepts from people with differing backgrounds, skills and experiences

Vision Can provide ideas on the future operation of a process/system and can use it to bring out the creative side in others

Business acumen - Quickly understands the impact of process/requirements and can ensure that the benefits of a piece of work are maximised

Stakeholder Management - Can interface with people at different levels of the organisation well - people like engaging with them

Delivery - Does their record of delivery demonstrate an ability to get work done on time, to an acceptable level of quality

Vendor Engagement - An ability to work with and performance management vendors within project engagements.