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Extraordinary, Smart, Motivated Intern Who Wants to be a Entrepreneur.

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Job description

Now let’s be clear – if your reading this and looking for a job to get you on the “corporate ladder”, go back my friend, I wish you the best of luck in your career but this role won’t be for you…

If you’ve never even considered starting your own business, this role definitely won’t be for you.
If your looking to work in a fancy glass backed office, attending long drawn out meetings and not getting much real work done… good luck with that..

In fact – whilst I hate to say it, probably 95% of the people who even bother to look at this post, either won’t be suitable, or would not want to embark on this journey…and let me be clear, this will be a journey..

I know what your thinking – what sort of joker are you? This isn’t how normal companies recruit an intern…

Correct we are not normal, and frankly we aren’t looking for someone normal either…

So if you’ve got this far, you probably want to know what all this is about, so let me digress…

My name’s Peter (waves), and I’m a entrepreneur…

I currently have 2 companies (well technically 3 but that’s another story), The first company started just over a year ago and in its first year turned over 500K (USD) in sales. The other, a software business in the same space as the physical goods company, has been running over 8 months and is already into 7 figures…

And let me point out, the software business consists of me, my partner in the US and a couple of software engineers…

And the physical goods company is run by me, a full time girl in China and a part time virtual assistant in the Philippines.

I work from home in Hove, in a office in my converted garage – fancy huh? Is that enough to put you off yet?


So what am I posting this advert and what am I looking for?

Firstly – scaling one company is not easy, doing 2 at the same time is frankly hard work.

But its fun, interesting, challenging, motivating and every so often very rewarding.

However – there is only so much I can do, I outsource a lot of stuff – in fact I love outsourcing everything which is not my core competency, however one thing you can never outsource is the ability to think outside the box.

And that’s where you come in – I’m looking for a intern who wants to learn about running a business, the mindset it involves the challenges that needs to be overcome and who is willing to get stuff done one way or another. This would be a position where you are fully immersed in every possible part of running a business, from looking up and understanding figures, copywriting, split testing, product development, marketing, advertising, customer support, strategy, brainstorming..…

I would expect you to be able to think for yourself, bring new ideas, opinions, be willing to work hard, think outside the box and also have some fun.

Please don’t send me your standard CV, impress me, make me feel that you want this.
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