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System Software Engineer

  • IT development

Job description

about the role

Prepare projects: participate in the upstream phase of the project, participate in the validation integration strategy, and identify the risks.Contribute to the choice and design of delivery environments optimized for the technical fields in collaboration with the operators: deployment, configuration, tests, Implement (install, develop, automate, document) these new delivery environment.

Assist the Dev (development) & Ops (Operations) teams in the implementation and appropriation of the proposed tools and methods.

Document / share / publish selected and implemented solutions, problems and resolutions, feedback, to contribute to the DevOpsIVA community.

Passionate about Open Source. Looking for new technical challenges.

Would like to interact regularly with the development and exploitation teams, to use the new Cloud technologies, and to build a solid experience.

about you

Knowledge of integration techniques (System & network configuration)

Scripting (shell, perl, python ...)

Automation and configuration management tools

Service platform architectures and technologies (Cloud and xaaS technologies)

Knowledge in Databases (Mysql, MongoDB) would be a plus.

Passionate about new technology, willing to put his creativity at the service of the improvement of the operational efficiency and the improvement of the user experience.

additional information

Various depops tools like: jenkins, ansible, gitlabci, PAAS (openshift or kubernates).


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