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Cisco Tecnichal Engineer (VPO) UK Slough

  • Slough ( Berkshire )
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

about the role

Technical Engineer (VPO)
As a VPO

Manage customer expectations of releases and rollouts for on-time and error free MACDs

Develop new configuration releases and templates to implement a solution (MACD).

Specify with the customer the acceptance testing procedures for complex MACDs in relation to the IPVPN infrastructure

Ensure that all configurations/changes being rolled out are secure and traceable via CMDB (MachX)

Fulfill the holistic paradigm of the release management by providing added value in driving technical related subjects among heterogeneous entities.

Make sure that customized release management and policies are defined and implemented through appropriate tools and processes

Ensure that definitive authorized versions of all software CIs are stored i.e. IP Toolbox (Definite Software Library)

Increase Resilience and minimize the effect of component failures by proposing alternative solutions within the VPO’s technical scope in order to ensure availability accordance to the SLA

Allow continuous operation and minimize the effect of planned downtime through the knowledge of network by implementing the changes effectively with the capability for swift workarounds

Maintain Security standards by auditing regularly the network and devices to ensure and revise company and security standards (IOS review, new security templates, … )

Increase Reliability reviewing the proposed solutions in terms of SPOF and overall robustness of the solution

Implementation of technical recommendations outlined in the SIP to improve the availability

Ensure service continuity by reducing the impact of a disaster or major failure through operational validation of the MACDs designed

Reduce the vulnerability and risk to the customer service by effective risk analyses and risk management reviewing in details the technical requests and solutions by knowledge and proactive audit for safe implementation

Prevent a loss of customer confidence through technical competence and customer facing attitude, enhanced with deep knowledge of the customer IP solutions during crisis.

Produce recovery plans to support the customer’s service continuity plans by maintaining accurate customized solution documents and recovery plans under CMDB (DIS) database in favor of incident management´

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Customer Services & Operations

Orange Business Services manages and integrates the complexity of international communications, freeing our customers to focus on the strategic initiatives that drive their business. Our extensive experience and knowledge in global communication solutions, together with our understanding of multinational business and local support in 166 countries and territories, ensure that our customers receive a consistent, global solution wherever they do business.