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Change Manager

  • Moka, Mauritius
  • Infra / Networks / Telecom

Job description

about the role

Part of Multi-sourcing Service Integration MSI Center. Deliver all Moves, Adds & Changes on customer network connections, performing technical feasibility study and end-to-end change management by coordinating with internal specialist teams. Implement and coordinate the simple and standard changes & get the complex changes activated in agreed time as per SLA with Customer in a bilingual multi domain (WAN/LAN/Riverbed/Connectivity etc).

about you

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

Ø Assess requests for change that originate from incident management, problem management, release management, or continuity management.

Ø validate and classify the change request according to its complexity defined in the Change catalogue

Ø Register changes as needed to handle requests for change or receives change requests from other change initiators

Ø Determine the risk and impact for requested changes

Ø prepare implementation plans by creating tasks

Ø Coordinate and if required Implement simple and standard change requests on the multidomains

Ø For complex changes liaise with correct entity / provider to get the change implemented in agreed time as per SLA with Customer

Ø Monitor the progress of changes.

Ø Monitor and report quality of first time right, on-time change implementation

Ø Ensure and monitor delivery of change implementation within agreed lead times

Ø Perform the pre-checks before the change window time

Ø Guide the field Engineer for all scheduled change activities

Ø Perform the post-implementation review

Ø Check with the customer that his application is running with no problems.

Ø Send success report to all involved entities after the completing the change

Ø Once the change process is completed, the entire process should be documented in a database (CMDB) that all stakeholders can access

Ø Manage Project and bulk change requests using standard process and procedures

Ø Assess, prioritize, respond and report on time for expedite requests

Ø Contribute to the continuous learning of the team by taking initiatives to drive trainings

Ø Act as coach to newcomers

Ø Participate actively in knowledge sharing

Ø Maintain the change management process and ensure it is readily available

Ø Contribute actively to the expert community

Ø Setting up labs and innovative training methods to develop team members

additional information

Professional Experience:

Ø 1-3 years’ experience in telecommunications field

Ø 1-2 year of - Experience in networking operational environment (WAN/WOC/Security)

Ø 1-3 years’ experience in a customer oriented position


Customer Services & Operations

Orange Business Services manages and integrates the complexity of international communications, freeing our customers to focus on the strategic initiatives that drive their business. Our extensive experience and knowledge in global communication solutions, together with our understanding of multinational business and local support in 166 countries and territories, ensure that our customers receive a consistent, global solution wherever they do business.