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Machine Operator

  • Chester (Cheshire)

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JOB TITLE: Machine Operator



The machine operator is important in the actual manufacturing, monitoring and construction of product. Monitoring the machinery involved in the production process making sure everything is operating smoothly and efficiently. They will adhere to work flow requests and monitor product as it runs through their specific department machinery. Following instructions from management and supervisors to maintain records of the speed, efficiency and results of the production. Knowledge of how to operate the machine will be provided through a training program, mentoring, and lessons. They will be responsible for the safety and operation of their machines utilizing proper PPE (personal protective equipment). They will follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure the highest efficiency and safety.

Machinery Use

· Must have proven mechanical aptitude and physical ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
· Understand the operation of the machinery in order to produce required product and avoid potential safety incidents to them self or those around.
· Duties may include writing down times and temperatures, quantity counts, and quality checking materials or products. Quality-checks may include measuring items on a machine and evaluating a product for color, size, shape or texture.

Quality Control

Operators spend a great deal of time monitoring and recording products and materials, must understand how to read specifications, operating instructions for the machine and provide accurate records.

· Understand the product being made by the specifications given for the product.
· Ability to test the products for quality and to see if it meets the specifications provided by their immediate production supervisor.
· Notify the production supervisor if the product is poor or if it does not meet the specifications.


· High School Diploma required
· 3-4 years in a manufacturing or process environment.
· Mechanical ability
· Must pass a physical, drug screen and aptitude test to prove mechanical and mathematical ability.