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Collaboration with the Manager:
• Manages the agenda of the Manager and optimizes time, while managing all subjects within the deadlines (agenda/trips, documents/files/reports).
• Organizes the Manager’s professional trips: manages the logistics through the existing tool, gathers travel documents, complete the expense reports.
• Works out the annual Entity calendar taking into account the calendar distributed by the Entity Executive Assistant.
• Distributes the calendar to the Direction team on a date identified with the Manager.
• Organizes the meetings and seminars within the calendar while respecting all the deadlines.
• Organizes meetings (logistics and planning): suggests meetings’ agendas, attends if needed and writes the meeting minutes.
• Ensures the tracking of actions identified within the meetings. (Optional).
• Organizes occasionally the Entity’s events (seminars, team buildings…)
• Provides the Manager with all the elements/files/presentations/reportings necessary to his/her activity within the deadlines and with a critical eye.
• Analyzes the elements/files/presentations/reportings necessary to the Manager’s activity. (Optional)
• Reads the Manager’s e-mails and alerts the Manager on important/urgent e-mails and answers to be provided.
• Answers directly to certain Manager’s e-mails. (Optional)
• Forwards pertinent information to the Manager and the team.
• Suggests evolutions to the Manager (Tools , organization…)
• Ensures the permanent relay of information between the Manager and his/her interlocutors (N-1, N+1…)
Preparation and/or management of files:
• Manages complementary assigned missions independently (eg EP correspondent, budget monitoring, dashboards etc.)
• Manages specific files in accordance with the Manager (eg Intranet page update, implementation and management of an Internal Social network community, analysis on specific subjects linked to the Entity ...) (Optional)
Extended Support to the team:
• Manages the Personnel administration: recordings and specific tasks within the deadlines (other than vacation absenteeism, medical visits, mandatory trainings, mutation forms, newcomer welcome, departure ...)
• Manages computer accesses at arrival and departure of team members (material and various networks / meeting rooms’ accesses).
• Organizes meetings taking into account: deadlines, timing, participants, connections, agenda and venue.
• Identifies needs and manages requests within the deadlines, following the rules and procedures.
• Monitors the requests.
• Delivers information meetings to the team and/or organizes trainings for the team.
• Applies the rules for archiving and classification and educates the team.
• Archives all legal and regulatory documents.
• Greets and directs visitors of the entity.
Purchase management of the entity
• Processes orders and purchase requests for the Entity through the available tools: manages the requests, checks and tracks the orders and purchase requests, receives purchase orders, and forwards invoices without order to external service.
• Validates invoices without order by delegation. (Optional)
• Ensures that rules and procedures are applied by the team.
Welcome and department Image:
• Meets various (internal and external) requests and offers adapted responses.
• Greets and directs visitors of the Entity.

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