Expire bientôt J.P. Morgan

Agile Coach

  • Glasgow (Glasgow City)
  • Développement informatique

Description de l'offre

There are over 1500 software developers in the Glasgow Technology Centre (GTC). As a member of the GTC site coaching team you will be working with individual teams in 4-8 week (with future follow-ups), high intensity, hands-on engagements. Through these engagements we aim to seed the behaviors required to be self-sufficient, learning teams. Specifically, showing the team how to gain situational awareness of their software development maturity (using Wardley mapping), identify potential experiments, and then helping them run those experiments, interpret the results, and repeat.


As this is a relatively new endeavor (running a site based coaching group not aligned to a specific line of business), members of the team will be expected to contribute to the shape and direction of this programme as well as executing on the coaching aspects.

Just to be very clear, these coaching roles require active, hands-on development work with the teams being coached. You will be embedded with the target team full time and will work on what they are delivering (not solo, at the very least you will be pairing with the team members).


In addition to general coaching and facilitation skills, we will be focusing our engagements on the areas highlighted in Accelerate (Forsgren, Humble, Kim - 2018), so experience in some of the following is critical:

·        Version control

·        Deployment automation

·        Continuous integration

·        Trunk-based development

·        Test automation

·        Test data management

·        Shift left on security

·        Continuous delivery

·        Loosely coupled architecture

·        Empowered teams

·        Customer feedback

·        Value stream

·        Working in small batches

·        Team experimentation

·        Change approval processes

·        Monitoring

·        Proactive notifications

·        WIP limits

·        Visualising work

·        Westrumorganizational culture

·        Supporting learning

·        Collaboration among teams

·        Job satisfaction

·        Transformational leadership