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  • Wuji (Chuzhou Shi)
  • Sales

Job description


• Deliver growth and profitability of the Meeting Place. Partner with Partner Relationship & Leasing team in the development of the offer and income strategy.
• Secure IKEA presence in the Meeting Place, including but not limited to seasonal offer.
• Manage our Partners Journey, secure the best commercial and operational support in order to increase the share of Income in cooperation with the Partner Relationship & Leasing team


• Partner with Partner Relationship & Leasing team to create the relevant components of the offer in
the Meeting place, including Pop-up stores, Leisure and F&B, and overall additional income, taking
advantage of commercialization opportunities.
• Ensure that the offer delivers diverse, emotionally engaging and experiential customer journey
for the many people. Ensure that offer is built according to customer journey.
• In partnership develop, implement and follow up the long term leasing strategy in the Meeting
Place. Provides the relevant information to ensure that the Offer & Income Strategy reflects the
business priorities and customer needs, as well as uniqueness of the Meeting Place and is
consistent with the defined customer journey.
• Keep a very close follow-up on the commercial and operational performance of our Partners,
understanding their business models; Provide relevant feedback to our Partners to maximize their
• Secure IKEA commercial integration and presence in the Meeting Place, including but not limited
to seasonal offer, limited collections and IKEA Food across the Meeting Place.
• Manage the day to day relationship with kiosk tenants. In cooperation with leasing and property
function support partners with re-location & re-clustering within meeting place.
• Be a speaking partner to develop the business opportunities together with Lease partners, but
also commercial brands for Specialty leasing/Media sales, integrated with big marketing agencies
re brand and theme promotions and develop the Meeting place uniqueness to attract customers.
• Cooperate with Accelerator Hub, New Income Streams Implementation Teams and/or other
internal and external partners in order to identify and implement innovation projects in the
Meeting Place.
• Ensure that the commercialization activities evolve with and keep pace with technology to strive
and be the pioneer on each local market, as well as accumulate and share best practices & lessons
learnt with and from other Meeting places.
• Engage with our partners to improve the sustainability performance of the Meeting place
(including fit, out, operations and community engagement), communicate the vision and benefits
of our sustainability agenda and encourage partners to inspire & enable our visitors to lead more
healthy and sustainable lifestyles


To optimise the meeting place experience for the many people to drive visitation to the Meeting Places and IKEA and deliver sustainable business growth for our Partners and Meeting Places.
Achieve operational results, drive efficiency improvements and enhance commercial performance, brand value and sustainability performance of the Meeting Places.

Make every future a success.
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