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Job description

Company description

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. We do this by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them. We operate in Mexico – and have an ambitious expansion plan to bring a little bit of Sweden to new markets in the region. We are part of the Ikano Group of companies and the only IKEA franchisee owned by the Kamprad family that founded IKEA.

We work towards making sustainability a natural part of our everyday work. We are active in our communities, driving and supporting social initiatives that benefit children, women and the environment.

Job description


To build and retain a long-lasting relationship with new and existing customers in a multichannel retail environment by:

·  Valuing and fulfilling customer needs and expectations thereby stimulating more and more frequent visits.
·  Understanding customer motivation and expectations, and play an active role in turning them into commercial opportunities.
·  Ensuring a positive shopping experience that creates trust in the IKEA Brand before, during and after their visit.

This shall happen by working in partnership with all business functions to contribute to commercial growth.


To enable an easy buying experience for all customers throughout the complete payment process. This includes in particular:

·  The check-out service is fast and efficient for our customers’ and cost-effective for the IKEA store.
·  Payment is handled in a reliable, efficient, accurate and friendly way.
·  Customers are guided to the appropriate check-out supporting the check-out co-worker in their daily work.


My priority is to give our customers a positive payment experience by ensuring:

·  The check-out area is in shape as new.
·  Our check-outs are efficiently equipped at all times throughout the day.
·  Co-workers are ready and available to help customers.
·  I ensure that our check-out co-workers have the knowledge, confidence, responsibility, authority and desire to support customer payment and that they achieve this in an efficient and simple way.
·  I am available to support the check-out co-workers when they cannot resolve a customer’s need, dealing positively and quickly with issues raised by our customers.
·  I spend my working time in the check-out area, supporting the check-out co-workers and ensuring customers leave with a positive impression of the IKEA store.
·  I follow up on the queuing policy and waiting times in the check-out area and take action to ensure we keep the agreed goals.
·  I guide customers to the appropriate check-out.
·  I ensure spot checks are conducted every day, securing proper payment from customers.
·  I ensure our store is a safe and secure environment at all times for visitors and co-workers according to IKEA Safety and Security requirements/Local Laws and Standards.

I optimise the relationship with our customers when they are paying for products in order to increase customer satisfaction and create the desire for them to want to return and shop with us. I do this by:

·  Acting on customer feedback in order to make improvements to our service.
·  Understanding the importance of accurate stock inventory and coaching the check-out co-workers to have this knowledge.
·  Working with my manager to identify root cause of recurring problems, agreeing and implementing improved ways of working and following-up to ensure we have been successful in resolving the problem for future customers.
·  Where appropriate I work with my colleagues in other functions to implement changes which will improve our customers’ satisfaction.
·  Educating my team to understand the IKEA Concept, and ensuring that they read and use the appropriate manuals and other education tools to help maximise our customers’ shopping experience.
·  Contributing to the check-out action plan and taking ownership for my part in its delivery.
·  Ensure that co-workers are aware of business contingency plans when the system is down so that we minimise the effect on our customers shopping experience.
·  Deliver a fast and positive payment experience by steering the check-out operation in a cost-efficient, customer-focused and friendly way.


·  Through my own example, I actively work to secure the IKEA Culture and Values.
·  I ensure there is the right number of co-workers in the right place at the right time to run the check-out area successfully.
·  I make sure that the agreed schedule for the day is kept.
·  I am available to help and support colleagues when needed.
·  I work together with other functions to improve the shopping experience for our customers in order to generate more sales.
·  I value other colleagues’ ways of working and I learn from those who work differently to me.
·  I pass on my knowledge to colleagues and encourage them to do the same.
·  I keep my colleagues informed so that they can perform their roles effectively.
·  I am responsible for my own development and look to my manager to support me in improving my competence.


·  I know our check-out action plan and support the goals and targets given to me by my manager, which ensures the delivery of our action plan.
·  I know our daily and weekly service targets and this drives me to improve our service delivery.
·  I have an overview of the store and customer relations action plans and understand how our action plan supports the achievement of these.
·  I constantly monitor our performance against agreed goals, adapting and taking action when required.
·  I understand the impact of my actions on the financial results of my area and know which results I have influence over and how to balance this with the needs of my customers.
·  I follow cash handling procedures to ensure the security of money handling.
·  I look for more effective ways of working to reduce costs.


·  Solid understanding of the easy buying experience.
·  Cost and budget management.
·  Proven leadership skills in a people-centric organisation.
·  Talent management, i.e. recruitment and development.
·  Change management.
·  IKEA Brand, IKEA culture and values.
·  Knowledge of working methods according to work focus.
·  Knowledge of legal requirements and third-party contracts.
·  Knowledge of the payment process.
·  Knowledge of IKEA payment tools.


·  Be passionate about customers and act to ensure a positive shopping experience.
·  The IKEA values truly reflect personal values.
·  Passionate about leading business through people.
·  Enjoy working in a fast-paced and future-oriented retail environment.
·  Passionate about home furnishing, people's life at home and the IKEA range of products and services.


·  Ability to work on agreed working methods independently and reliably.
·  Good communication, negotiation and influencing skills.
·  Ability to find solutions for customer and operational issues.
·  Good attention to detail by being persistent, structured and accurate.
·  Very perceptive with the ability to implement solutions quickly.
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