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Senior Sales Manager / Sales Manger

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Sales

Job description

§ 进行广泛的市场竞争者调查,并且保持良好的酒店产品知识

Conducts extensive competitor research and maintains excellent Product Knowledge of the Hotel.

§ 始终不断的检阅本地市场,国内市场,国际市场的发展趋势,以及竞争对手的销售侧重点,以确保我们酒店的销售在市场中保有竞争性和领导地位

Constantly monitors and evaluates local, national and international market trends, and the competitor hotels’ sales initiatives, in order to make sure the hotel’s sales remain competitive and cutting edge.

§ 确保在销售工作中,无论是通过电话,合同还是书面联络都要体现出我们酒店的高水准

Ensures a high level of exposure for Hotel through direct sales solicitation via telephone, contracts and written communications.

§ 确保在专业的销售拜访中运用到凯悦销售法则以及SMART Selling销售原理

Ensures professional sales calls using Hyatt’s Consultative Selling principles and SMART Selling philosophies.

§ 谨慎的安排有目标性的销售拜访计划

Carefully plans sales calls into defined objectives.

§ 保持对酒店设施,特点以及服务项目的详细了解

Maintains a detailed knowledge of Hotel facilities, features and services.

§ 进行广泛的竞争对手的调查研究并且保持良好的自我产品知识

Conducts extensive competitor researches and maintains excellent Product Knowledge of the hotel.

§ 确保系统性的,有效的拜访被分配到的客户。及时的向销售副部总监报告所发现到的公司信息和生意机会

Ensures systematically and efficiently calls on allocated Accounts within location and reports findings and opportunities to Associate Director of Sale.

§ 发展潜在的客户群体,并利用ENVISION系统的数据库安排相应而有效的销售战略计划,从而提高酒店在市场上的占有率

Pre-qualifies and targets prospects, utilising Envision database and develops appropriate and effective sales solicitation strategies to increase hotel’s market share.

§ 透过专业的日常电话销售,寻找新的生意机会。追踪并识别潜在客户

Professionally conducts routine telemarketing activities to identify new business opportunities. Follows up sales leads to identify prospect.

§ 会见会别或迎接重要客人的到店或离店

Meets and greets VIP guests upon arrival/ departure.

§ 计划并安排拜访对酒店感兴趣并有潜力的客户,从而找寻新的生意机会

Plans and makes Sales trips to the parties concerned which is our current and potential clientele to explore into new business opportunities.

§ 建立坚固客户关系,从而了解未来所有计划活动

Establishes strong contacts to source for information in regard to planned and up coming functions/ events.

§ 在销售伙伴不在的时候协助他们跟进所有的工作事宜

Assists Sales Buddy to follow-up on all matters in the absence of Sales Buddy.

§ 检阅并持续寻找更有效的工作方式,通过新思想模式(在适当时)彻底的简化工作流程

Reviews and constantly seeks Productivity level improvements through the process of “taking work out of the system” (when appropriate) and thorough streamlining of work process.

§ 根据市场行销计划的重点,执行所有涉及职责范围内的销售活动

Implements all sales action plans related to responsibility areas as outlined in the Marketing plan.

Make every future a success.
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