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Chef de Partie(Local)-Associates Restaurant

  • Hangzhou, CHINA

Job description

· 协助提供健康、卫生、多种花样的食品。
Assists in providing food that are healthy, hygienic and has variety.
· 根据员工提出的意见和建议,协助改进工作。
Assists in making progress on task according to associate suggestion and opinion.
· 协助员餐厨师长,按时完成员餐菜单编制工作。
Assists in working out the menu with Chef de Cuisine on time.
· 根据所设定的政策和方针, 确保食物盈余并尽量利用剩余的食品原料。
Ensures food surpluses and leftovers are used according to the set guidelines and policies.
· 烹制菜肴并确保根据菜单和配方准备食品, 以确保食品的质量达到凯悦酒店集团的标准。
Prepares food according to menus and recipe, ensuring the quality of food meets Hyatt Hotels Corporation standards.
· 严格执行食品分摊政策,以便能有效的做好控制成本工作。
Strictly adheres to food apportionment policy to control costs effectively.
· 在厨师长的指导下,乐于学习及制作新的菜肴。
Takes interest in learning and preparing new products as directed by the Outlet Chef de Cuisine.
· 紧密督导厨师和员餐其他员工,并协调他们的工作,以确保经济、及时的食品制作。
Supervises cooking and other kitchen personnel and coordinates their assignments to ensure economical and timely food production.
· 观察食物的准备和制作方法、份量及食物的装饰,以确保食品是按预先的设计制作的。
Observes methods of food preparation and cooking, sizes of portions, and garnishing of foods to ensure food is prepared in prescribed manner.
· 在食物装盘及服务前,对食物进行检查。
Tests cooked food before plate-up and service.
· 按时检查员餐厨房设备/设施,确保正常运作。
Ensures the maintenance and function of kitchen equipment.
· 确保所有厨师在操作中使用正确的工具。
Ensures all Commis Chefs and Kitchen Apprentices use the right tool for the right job.
· 确保所有厨师正确、安全地操作食品加工机器。
Ensures all Commis Chefs and Kitchen Apprentices handle the food-preparing machine in a proper and safe manner.
· 确保员餐工作场所始终干净整洁。
Ensures the cleanliness of associate kitchen environment at all times.

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