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Assistant Manager - Housekeeping

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description

§ 确保提供高水平的宾客服务。

Ensures a high of customer service is consistently maintained.

§ 确保将来自客人或其他部门的反馈意见与客房部经理进行沟通。

Ensures the Housekeeping Manager is kept fully aware of any relevant feedback from either customers or other departments.

§ 遵守酒店有关客房部的政策及程序。

Complies with the Hotel Policies and Procedures relating to Housekeeping.

§ 遵守房务部订立的系统及程序。

Complies with all systems and procedures as laid down by Rooms Division.

§ 确保客房和公共区域的清洁达到凯悦品牌的标准。

Ensures the cleanliness of guest room and public areas meet Hyatt brand standards.

§ 确保正确地储存及发出客用或日常用品。

Ensures proper storage and issues of guest and daily supplies.

§ 管理储存物品的盘点,确保准确的用品供应。

Manages inventory of stock to ensure adequate supplies.

§ 检查客房,后场区域、公共区域、餐厅及大堂,以发现需要维修及更换的家具或设备,并向客房部经理提出建议。

Inspects guest rooms, Heart of House, outside areas of the Hotel, restaurants and Lobby to determine need for repairs or replacement of furniture or equipment, and makes recommendations to Housekeeping Manager.

§ 指引和协助负责清洁的员工的工作。

Directs and assists in assigning work to cleaning associates.

§ 检查走廊、楼梯间、服务区域、大堂及其它公共区域,以保证这些地方干净、整齐。

Inspects corridors, staircases, service areas, Lobby, and other public areas for cleanliness and orderliness.

§ 向工程部报告所有需要保养或维修的项目。

Reports to Engineering Department all items and fixtures requiring maintenance or repair.

§ 向工程部报告(汇总)所有需要保养或维修的事项。

Submits requisitions for room supplies, furniture, and equipment.

§ 协调所有餐厅清洁及特别项目。

Carries out all Outlet cleaning and special projects.

§ 发放、检查及控制所有清洁用品和设备。

Issues, inspects, and controls all cleaning products and equipment.

§ 报告所有遗失及损坏的酒店财产。

Reports missing and damaged Hotel property.

§ 根据酒店“失物招领”制度,报告并处理所有失物招领事项。

Reports and handles all Lost & Found items as per Hotel “Lost and Found” policy.

§ 保持恰当的记录并控制客房部日常运营及报告。

Maintains proper records and controls daily housekeeping operations and reports.

§ 确保所有供应品、设备及储藏室的整洁。

Ensures the cleanliness of all supplies, equipment and storage rooms.

§ 根据日程安排,督导所有对公共区域家具和大理石台面的清洁、保养。

Supervises all cleaning and maintenance works of all fixtures and marble surfaces in public areas have been carried out according to the schedule.

§ 督导对酒店周围路径的清洁工作。

Supervises and carries out the cleanliness of the pavement around the Hotel.

§ 确保植物和花卉的浇灌工作。

Ensures all plants and flower are watered as needed.

§ 根据计划或要求,督导对所有办公室的清洁工作。

Supervises all offices cleaning works been carried out as per schedule or as requested.

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